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Oracle Fail

Created: 11 Aug 2014 • Updated: 12 Aug 2014 | 5 comments

Dear Sir/Madam

I executed BACKUPEXEC ORACLE BACKUP EVERY 2AM until last June.

I removed backup job on BACKUPEXEC and I don't execute any backup job on BACKUPEXEC.

But my ORACLE is try to backup thru RMAN.

I can find RMAN job whit next SQL.

SELECT * FROM v$rman_backup_job_details order by start_time desc;

The results are as follows.


525                   525                                  855367245    2014-08-12T02:00:43    08/12/2014 02:00:46    08/12/2014 02:01:29
520                   520                                  855280846    2014-08-11T02:00:44    08/11/2014 02:00:47    08/11/2014 02:01:38
515                   515                                  855194445    2014-08-10T02:00:44    08/10/2014 02:00:46    08/10/2014 02:01:38
510                   510                                  855108048    2014-08-09T02:00:46    08/09/2014 02:00:49    08/09/2014 02:01:40
492                   492                                  855021649    2014-08-08T02:00:48    08/08/2014 02:00:50    08/08/2014 02:01:42
487                   487                                  854935251    2014-08-07T02:00:50    08/07/2014 02:00:52    08/07/2014 02:01:44  

How can I remove rman_backup_job on my ORACLE.

I don't wanna execute backup by BACKUPEXEC anymore.

Please help me.



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VJware's picture

Hiya J S Park,

How have you confirmed that these backups were called by Backup Exec ? Are there job logs being created in the Backup Exec UI ?

Additionally, you can remove the Oracle configuration as well from the remote agent which is installed on the Oracle server.

JangSoon Park's picture

Hi VJWare.

I'm not sure. But executed time is what I created time on BACKUPEXEC and I don't backup job wiht BACKUPEXEC any more.

There's no job log in the BACKUPEXEC UI.

How can I find remote agent which is installed on the Oracle Server.

You mean Backup Exec Agent Utility?

Backup Exec Agent Utility does not have any configuration for Oracle.

What shout I do?



lmosla's picture

Hi see if following the steps 1-4 in this document help

JangSoon Park's picture

Thanks you very much.

I read this document, but it's not helpfull to me.

Oracle database and BACKUPEXEC was installed same server.

You mean install Symantce Backup Exec Agent utility and configure Oracle configure?

I tryed several time but I can not.

I don't know why.

Would you reffer case #6416074 ?

It was my previous support.

I did not sucess configure Symantec Backup Exec Agent utility for oracle, because my oracle is 64bit and BACKUPEXEC does not support 64bit.

I can't cofigure Backup Exec Oracle Agent Configure.



lmosla's picture

Have you seen this document that describes how to remove obsolete backup jobs from Oracle ?