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Oracle License for DLP

Created: 04 Oct 2012 • Updated: 04 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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This may be a basic thing but is troubling me. Is separate Oracle license required for DLP database. I mean we can go to file connect and download oracle setup from there. Also as per Symantec_DLP_Oracle_11g_Installation_Upgrade_Guide  "Symantec certifies and provides Oracle Critical Patch Updates for use with Symantec Data Loss Prevention, along with detailed installation instructions. You do not need to receive these updates from Oracle Support."

So is separate license required from Oracle? If yes whats the purpose and benefit?

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Oracle licensing is all done by Symantec on the backend (partnerships, agreements, whatever). There is not a separate license file you need to apply. Just apply the CPUs from File Connect as they have been certified to not break your DLP database and you should be fine.


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Thanks. Can i have Symantec Employee confirm the same?

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Confirmed, you don't need a separate license from Oracle.

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OK here are two scenario i would like to clarify.

1) If a client already has Oracle database that they have licensed from Oracle and supplies that for DLP. If an issue related to database occurs will Symantec provide support or say it be referred to Oracle?

2) If the client license for DLP also contains Oracle Database and an issue related to database occurs will Symantec provide support or say it be referred to Oracle?

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i do not knpow pricing, but there is no license for the DB. If you need it there is a fee of X you pay for it, if you want to leverage a exsiting DB or cluster it has to be on the supported list. If it falls under the Supported side Symantec has people to support this. as for the secocnd question this is all covered by Symantec.

If you use a off box oraclce db you need to do the client tool install like a 2/3 tier install, also from my understanding the way the oraclce DB is setup is that it only works work with the DLP product and is licensed and setup to only with it, so it cant be used for other applications. Hope this answers your questions.