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Oracle questions

Created: 10 Dec 2012 | 3 comments
1) The recommendation of BD backups for Oracle is to be via Oracle RMAN, then have to see how it integrates with Oracle RMAN tool for backups? Need some library (MML) to integrate additional Oracle RMAN? Does it integrate with RMAN scripts or provide your own scripts?
2) If not integrated into Oracle RMAN, which includes options or ways to backup Oracle DB.
3) That options or ways to support BD includes Oracle ONLINE so (ie if you need to download the database for backup)
4) The current implementation is Oracle RAC Database 10g ( and this utlizando Oracle ASM storage. Any particular consideration with this configuration tool?

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Hi JavierTI,

Backup Exec 2012 (as well as the past several versions) support Oracle backups using RMAN.  When you install the agent on the Oracle server, you will need to use the VxMon utility to establish credentials and trust for Oracle RMAN scripts to communicate with your Backup Exec media server, and also set up similar trust of the Oracle server from the Backup Exec server's settings.  This is all well documented in the user manual, and is a one-time setup to establish secure trust between Oracle and Backup Exec.

Once trust is established, you have two ways of backing up and restoring your Oracle databases:

1. Through the Backup Exec GUI, which allows browse/selection of Oracle databases and options

2. Via RMAN scripts written and run on your Oracle DB server.

Either way, under-the-hood, RMAN is doing the work.  The Backup Exec Agent for Oracle performs all operations using RMAN; when you create the job with the GUI, the agent ultimately writes an RMAN script that will back up or restore your data.

You can absolutely back up ONLINE oracle databases, provided they are in ARCHIVELOG mode (this is an Oracle requirement, not a Backup Exec limitation).

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That is vxmon??
In 2012 as I can trust relationship?
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Hi JavierTI,  VxMon is the "Backup Exec Agent Utility".  VxMon.exe is the executable's name -- I should have simply called it "Backup Exec Agent Utility".

To establish the trust, actions must be taken on both servers; "Backup Exec Agent Utility" must be run locally on the Oracle server, and some configuration takes place on your Backup Exec 2012 server as well.

Again, this is a one-time setup.  After completing this step, backup and restore of Oracle via the Backup Exec GUI or via RMAN scripts is easy and well integrated into Backup Exec.