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Oracle RAC 9iR2 in Solaris 9 branded zone

Created: 03 Feb 2012 • Updated: 17 Feb 2012 | 4 comments
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Reading through the VCS sfha 5.1sp1 Virtualization guide chapter 3 states that Oracle 9iR2 is supported in Solaris 9 branded zones.

Does anybody know if this includes Oracle 9iR2 RAC running across two Solaris 9 branded zones on cvm/cfs. If this is

not supported is it known to actually work?


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I have used CFS with non-branded zones and it works fine mounting CFS mounts into a non-global (local) zone, so I would think CFS works in a branded zone.  I believe in a branded zone, SF works the same - running in the global zone and it is only VCS and ODM that are different as they need some components installed in the local zone.  The VCS componets in the local zone are for the VCS agents, so GAB and LLT still run entirely in the global zone, but Oracle talks over LLT/GAB and Oracle in the local zone.   You could have the LLT interfaces in the local zone for Oracle to use so it might work.

I have used VCS and ODM in branded zones, but never RAC in branded zones.  From a support point of view, I would guess Symantec has not tested this and hence it will be unsupported and it will probably be difficult to get Oracle's blessing too, but technically it might work.


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Hi Mike,

I've got cvm, cfs working in the branded zones. I haven't had a chance to try the Oracle RAC part yet

and was also looking for verification on the SFHA guide. Hopefully someone from Symantec will clarify

either way.



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The support for Oracle RAC (SFRAC) in zones was added with 5.1SP1 RP2.  Please take a look at the attached document for the caveats associated with this configuration. Although not explicitly stated, I do not believe branded zones are supported with SFRAC. It is worth noting that with both Solaris 11 and SFHA 6.0, support for branded zones has been deprecated all together.  I will however get confirmation on this.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Joe D

sfrac_appnote_zones_51sp1rp2_sol.pdf 988.11 KB
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Thanks Joe,

I note that this is for Oracle 10g upwards and so will include the starting of Oracle Clusterware. Oracle 9i pre-dated the Oracle clusterware and just relied on a 3rd party cluster framework so there may be a possibility it will work - albeit outside of a supported configuration. It appears the sfha guide is not refering to 9i R2 RAC running in a branded zone but it would be good to clarify.

At present, there isn't any chance of upgrading the OS or database so it will be a case of trying 9i RAC in a branded zone to see if it does work.