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Oracle restore to another machine for Physical Standby

Created: 12 Mar 2010 • Updated: 24 Sep 2010 | 1 comment

I'm in the process of restoring an Oracle Primary database to another machine following Symantec guidelines. The purpose is just to "restore" the files, not recover at this point. This second machine is going to be an Oracle Standby database. I am doing this from tape backup to kill 2 birds at once, one get my Standby back and working and two, to test the backup tapes and procedures.

I set up the Oracle Agent on the second machine, followed the article on Symantec restore to another machine, made the selection list based on the datafiles needed, set the redirection to the second machine, set the user and DB perms, uncheck the "recover" option, as I'll need to get the archive logs to catch up with the Primary.

Now, when clicking submit in the restore setup GUID, the GUI freezes and beremote.exe goes up to 25%. If I kill the beremote.exe from the task manager, sometimes the job gets submitted and then I'll start up the "backup exec remote agent for windows service" manually. From here, the job will start and run.

I can only assume it's a bug. I'm curious if anyone else has run into something similar?

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Hi MOwen,

Please contact support to open a support ticket for this issue so we can gather debug logs to determine what is happening in the background. 

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