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Oracle RMAN incremental to MSDP very slow

Created: 30 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

We are running RMAN backups to MSDP. The fulls and archive backups are very fast and dedupicate pretty well using filesperset 1.

When the incremental backups run, it can take as much as 9 minutes to back up a 288k file, which makes no sense.

It looks like bptm is waiting on something, but I cannot understand what it could be.

Oracle is 10G, changed block tracking is enabled.

The DBAs set filesperst to a higher number, and its faster, but it hardly deduplicates, so that's not gong to work.

Anyone else see anything like this? I don't think its due to deduplication - it seems to be something on the oracle side. All the other jobs that run against the MSDP run very well. The behavior is the same using client side dedupe and server side dedupe.

Master and Media are on

Oracle boxes are on due to an old kernel they run.

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Ask your dba's to  Enable RMAN's Debug Output for incremental backups.

This should confirm if it's 'something on the oracle side'.

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OK. I have a ticket open with Symantec as well. Thanks for the input.