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Oracle Template for DLP database

Created: 08 Oct 2012 • Updated: 08 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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Setting up Oracle for SDLP has a point when you should create DLP database from a supplied database template. There few problems:

1) With the template you can only create the database on the disk C:

2) Most important: the size of database when it is created is more that just big.

Question: does anyone know how to shrink SDLP database size without affecting SDLP functionality? I want to use single-tier installation in a virtual environment (without Network Monitor, jest endpooints) to use it in test purposed only.

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Hey UFO ... you may want to give this a look:

They talk about shrinking the size of the database. And I know you can install the db to any partition; it depends on where you installed Oracle itself.


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Here is a DBT file that I created that is 1/3 the size. You can do the same by changine ther setting when you create the DB. You just need to edit the settings when you are creating the DB from the original DBT file. (Rename the file without the Doc extension)


Vontu_Small.dbt_.doc 18.08 KB

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Very interesting, thank you, Ronak! Will try and follow-up then.