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Oracle Virtualized

Created: 05 Jul 2012 | 3 comments
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before i begin I am just curious for the reason on why Oraclce cant be virtualized for DLP, I have seen the slides and attended the training and know it it not officially supported.

Oracle is approved in a vmware enviroment and has been for a while, can some one explain why or why not this is allowed to virtualized.

here is a link to the this,

With VMware offering if HA and vMotion, and a ton of other reasons this allows for a true redundancy, not to even mention Ciscoc UCS and 10 gig backbones now the infrastrucutre is there. I can list more reasons why I am just looking for a logical answer why it isnt supported.

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I've always been told Oracle doesn't support being virtualized except on their VM platform. This link you provided is new to me. From the Symantec aspect, they are just passing the buck for support. So if Oracle supports it, I would think SYMC should as well.

Just my 2 cents.


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I agree, I have had a couple customers ask on why it is not supported or they ask why not as Oracle support virtualization. I cant find a good reason why it is not supported, having a cisco and vmware experience there was really nothing would could not virtualize, this was true even more on a Cisco Nexus/UCS infrastructure...

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Oracle can be setup in a virtualized environment (subject to support/compatibility by Oracle). However, in such cases Symantec (Technical support) supports the database schema only and the customer will need contact Oracle for any other issues with Oracle.

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