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Organizational Structure

Created: 09 May 2013 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 4 comments

Does anyone have any solutions for adding users to Organizations?

Department attribute is a single tier (end tier). Our organization is multi-tiered hierachical organization, in some branches up to 6 tiers deep..

It appears the SD caters for Org Hierachy but expects you to manually add users to each Organization.

Ideally users would get added to their Organization during sync. Anyone accomplished this or facing the same issues?

Other issues relating to this is reporting/survey/rules/notifications etc

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Not my situation, so I can't say, but as a thought experiment, I'm wondering how your org is populated currently in AD. I don't think you can sync such things directly, but you could create a workflow that compares OU path in AD and assigns org membership in SD accordingly. You could set this workflow to run a half hour (or whenever) after your AD sync happens.

Not sure what you mean by your other issues. Seems like once you had org populated you could use that in reporting or whatever you wanted.

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AD has minimal data so we are looking at populating more fields from Payroll and LDAP.  There are actualy 5 or 6 sources which have one or two peices of information so consolidating this is essential.

All of the data sources have a Code which is unique to the Business Unit.  None of these sources has a complete hierarchical model.  I was thinking that we could setup the organisation structure (800 Business Units) then using workflow to assign the organisation membership. 

The other issues are around reporting, SLA's and notifications are around leveraging this information.

Imagine our structure is like ...

1st Teir - Fast Food Corp

2nd Teir - Head Office - Mac D's,  Head Office - Domino's, Head Office -Kentuky F

3rd Tier -  Regional Office  for each

4th Tier -  City/Town Office

5th Tier - Street Name

Sites are a bad examples.  My unit is MSD > PCAR > IT > ITCS > Problem and Change.  Locations for us are based on subnet from altiris which gives us the 6th tier.

* Everything from 2nd tier down would need customer specific notifications.  eg different contact number. (We have many contact numbers to assist is volumes and skills based routing)

* SLA's can also be different for any Tier as these can be customers or in-house departments.

* Reporting of course needs to work at any level.  eg a site manager may want 4th/5th tier reports but a general manager may want 2nd and 3rd.    Because Customers are involved precise volumes for any level are required.  This should be simple is setup correctly.

Future changes to SD around notifications and Rules allowing organisations to be used would be a great help.  Just need to figure out how to get this working with minimal admin work.   Initial setup is not an issue but 800 is a lot so perhaps work flow to setup organisational units as well as match them to users.'s picture

Wow. I see what you're saying as that's some intense and deep hierarchy! In lieu of SD actually providing rulesets to do things based on organization membership, I think you are going to be looking at several workflows used in 'send incident to workflow' rules (or several models in one workflow, if you prefer).

Once you've got that sorted, assuming you are granting ticket access to your site managers and general managers accordingly, reporting should work fine with the 'show only processes i have access to' checkbox set.

If you haven't already, I'd suggest adding the ability to use organizations in rulesets as a post in the ideas section so that SYMC can consider it for a future release.

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Thanks for the response.  I will open an idea about the organisations and rules/templates