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orphaned placeholders Solution

Created: 02 Jan 2014 • Updated: 15 Jan 2014 | 6 comments
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We have a situation where we have about 4000 files with orphaned placeholders from a server referesh thats went very wrong .. My question now is how to fix this ? Restoring from tapes using the last modified date of the orphaned placeholder to get the tapes before the file was archived would be a nightmare for 4000 files as we store our backup tapes off site ...Even knowing what tapes to restore from fro each file would be a nightmare 

Anyone know how best to sort this it out ? 

Kind Regards

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You can run the EVSVR option in verify mode against Vault Store. So it will generate report for those place holder whos files are missing. In report of EVSVR you will get path (Location) of DVS files.

After that you can restore that data from backup and then check it.

Verify operations in EVSVR - HOWTO57233

About EVSVR  - HOWTO57225

Creating an EVSVR operation file - HOWTO57227

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Thanks for the reply . I am a bit confused why i need to run EVSVR ..

I have already run fsautility.exe -o -s and that’s gives me a list of all the orphaned place holders ...

We have 1 vaultstore which is 23TB large and multiple partitions within that which are 500GB each and running EVSVR will take forever ... Were you talking about restoring the dvs files to the original vaultstore location the place holder points to ? or restoring the file before it was vaulted to the file server directly and re archiving ?

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Hello Yobole,

Need some more information to better understand the situation..

What is the EV Server version ?

As you stated that 4000 files with orphaned place holders... by this you mean that this where archived by EV and after FileServer refresh you are unable to access this placeholders ??

Does all this files are under one volume ??

When you double click on a placeholder what error do you get ??

I guess the issue could be that the Achive points may have been deleted due to which you are unable to recall placeholders.

In this case i would suggest to check the below aticle which talks about FSAUtility, This can be user to re-create Archivepoints if they are missing and even placeholders.

To recreate archive points you need to use FSAUtility -a parameter.

FSAUtility options

I hope this helps !!!

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FSAUtility with the -o parameter to delete orphaned placeholders for which no corresponding item exists in the archive.  But i guess in you case the items exists in vaultstore but you are unable to recall the placeholders , correct ??
We need to find the cause why we are unable to recall the placeholder, what error fo we get..
We need to make sure that the Archive points which is placed on the Folder is present or not.
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Yes they are all under the same volume and we are currently on EV 10.0.4 . We we double click the place holder we get ..

Event ID: 20491 Error The item is no longer in the vault (0xc0045034)

I dont think the items exist in th vault store ...

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Is it possible these items were deleted from the archive or expired?  This should be the only reason why there would be orphaned PH files, unless something ocurred with storage on EV.  

If the items are not in the vault and show up as orphaned then the only way to get them back would be to restore the original full files from backup.  You could use EVSVR to determine if the entries are still in the database by running Verify > ArchiveObjects > SavesetValid.  This will try to extract each item for every entry in the database.  You could narrow it down by archive and date range if you know when the items were archived.  

If you have the DVS files and they are not in storage then you could restore them and run EVSVR in repair mode to update SQL. 

Do the files show up in Archive Explorer?  If not, this would seem to indicate they were deleted or expired as they would have been removed from the index.