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OS Scripted install issue with Altiris 7.5

Created: 14 Oct 2013 • Updated: 14 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

I have upgraded from 7.1 to version 7.5 that came out last week and now the OS depolyment does not complete! Everything was working fine in 7.1!

I get as far as Windows 7 Ent. x64 install.  Once the machine successfully install the OS and logs in, it sits there and does not pickup the rest of the install packages.  I looked to see if the agent is installed and it is.  What I noticed was the agent is installed, but it is not showing in systray! So, its not running or loading.

Again, this process was working fine before the upgrade to 7.5.  So, now the agent is not running and it will not get the rest of tasks, including the deployment plug in.

Any ideas?

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I moved this thread to the Deployment forum.

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The agent isn't in the system tray but is it actually running? Can you check in Services to see? If it isn't running, can you start it and if it starts, does it then pick up the rest of the tasks? If it doesn't start then that would be where you should start your troubleshooting.

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The agent get's installed and it shows under start\programs.  Now, If I launch it from Start\Programs\Symantec, it shows up in systray and it starts picking up software.  The service is not running.

Not sure why it's doing that!? 

If I manually reboot the machine, it works fine. As a test, I have modified my unattend answer file to reboot the machine and it seem to do the trick.  However, I rather not do this if the agent runs in the first place.

Little frustrated with 7.5. 

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Are you using a custom unattend file in the SOI process?  If so, is it possible that a "process" is blocking the starting of the agent?  MOST of the "automatic" services are started right after MiniSetup concludes.  You could reak the logs in the panther folder to see what happened...

Thomas Baird
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I am using the unattended answer file we had under 7.1.  I did not change anything.

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OK - what if you do NOT use a custom unattend file?  Does it work?  Don't get me wrong - I'm not accusing your unattend file.  I'm trying to narrow down what the problem is.  If a restart is required BTW, you can adde that into your unattend.  Pretty sure.

Thomas Baird
Enthusiast for making things better!