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Out of disk error but not: corrput file error. Can I delete the .log files safely

Created: 04 Oct 2012 | 5 comments

I got an out of disk error. In looking into it I find a series of .log files that are actually corrupt which i'm guessing is causing this error. For some reason I can never get a picture to post on here so here is the text of my error:

Verify- \\exchange.chm.lan\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group
Data for \\exchange.chm.lan\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group\Logs ( E0000034292.log - E000003961A.log ) is corrupt

Would I be able to delete these successfully and just re run my backup? TIA

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I wouldn't just delete these files. You should check within Exchange itself to ensure that the logs have been committed before making any deletions.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thaks for the quick response!! I hate to sound the noob but I am. I've just set this up and that's about it. I know the .log files and the other ones I need (can't think right off hand, sorry) are on the same server and I know how important the .log files are and am even exploring moving them but i'm don't know what you mean by checking with Exchange to see if the logs have been commited. Sorry for my lack of knowledge

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Depending on your version of Exchange, there are commands you can check to see if the logs were actually backed up. If they were, then you can delete them. But you need to check this from the command line specifically for Exchange. Don't just delete them based on BE as you can end up dismounting and corrupting your Information Store.

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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OK so I come in today to this media error (still related to my exchange server):

An error occurred while processing a B2D command.

Changer: CreatePath() CreateDirectory1 failed (D:\BEData\). Error=1392

For more information, click the following link:

and this error as well:

The disk is offline.

This is typically caused by the folder becoming inaccessible due to it being deleted, renamed, or unshared. It may also be caused by a disk full condition. The folder state has been set to offline. Please attend to this condition. Additional detail may be found in the Event Viewer - Application Log.

The first error above (the B2D) has no information on symantec site when I click on the link (much like most of microsoft's stuff) so that's a dead end.  I don't see any network disturbance in the force last nite as all of the rest worked. I'm going to try to detach/reattach the drive. I'm not sure if the issue now is still a corrupt log file like it stated, though i've no idea since I still 'have' 2TB of free space left...

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Forgot to mention that, during the nite, I got this notification:

(Job: "exchange.chm.lan Backup 00002-Differential") Completed Successfully

So I may truly be out of space now. If that is the case and it is a space issue (which it's looking like now) do I still need to be concerned with the aforementioned log files that are corrupt? Thanks