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Created: 01 Nov 2012 • Updated: 01 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

I am using Brightmail as a SPAM filter.  Currently I am only using it to filter incoming email.  I want to start filtering outgoing email.  To do this will i have to change the certificate that my Exchange server has?


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To configure the Scanner for outbound mail filtering only

1 On the Scanner role page, click Outbound Mail Filtering and click Next.

2 On the Outbound Mail Filtering page, click the drop-down list to select the

IP address to use for outbound mail filtering.

3 In the Outbound mail SMTP port field, type the port, and then click Next.

4 On the Outbound Mail Filtering - Accepted Hosts page, in the Available IP

Addresses/Domains list, select the IP addresses from which the Scanner

should accept mail for outbound filtering.

To add a new IP address or domain, type the new IP address in the IP

addresses/domains field and click Add.

5 After you add and select all of your IP addresses and domains, click Next.

6 Onthe OutboundMailFiltering-MailDelivery page, do one of the following


■ In the Host name or IP address field, type the host where the Scanner

should relay outbound mail after filtering is complete and in the Port

field, type the port.

This server is typically a downstream mail server, such as your corporate

mail server.

■ Check EnableMXLookup for this host.

If you enable MX lookup, specify a host name instead of an IP address.

7 Click Next.

8 On the Mail Filtering - Non-local Mail Delivery page, select one of the

following options to specify how you want to relay filtered mail:

You want to useMXLookup to return the hosts for any


Use default MX Lookup

You want to specify a new host.

Type a host name or IP address and port in the required


Symantec also recommends that you check Enable

MXlookup for this host if you position the Scanner at

the Internet gateway. If you choose this option, specify

a host name (not an IP address) for that server.

Define new host

You want to use an existing host.

Select an existing host from the drop-down list.

If a separate gateway MTA is configured between the

Scanner and the Internet, provide that MTA's host

name or IP address and port.

Use an existing host

9 Click Next.

10 On the Setup Summary page, review your settings and select one of the

following options:

You are satisfied with the settings and want to save



You want to modify your settings. Go back and revise

your settings.


Cancel Youwant to cancel your changeswithout saving them.

Symantec Brightmail™ Gateway 9.0.1 Installation Guide

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Will I have to change my certificate after I do this to refernce brightmail?  Or can it stay putting to my CAS server?