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Outlook 2007 Attachment Issue

Created: 14 Mar 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 2 comments
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I am looking for some clarification and assurance that this issue is being resolved...
Problem 1: If you install the complete SEP Client with Outlook Scanning enabled, and the user reads email by opening an email, then uses the arrow keys to move to the next message, and so on, if they try to open an attachment, it will crash Outlook. Note that if you simply open the email with the attachment directly from the Inbox, then open the attachment, Outlook does not crash. Only when you arrow key from one message to the next.
Problem 2: If you disable Outlook Scanning in the client, then clients cannot open Attachments at all. From my understanding and my own testing, the currently released patch, and MR2 (reportedly) fix the ability to disable Outlook Scanning and still be able to open attachments. However the currently released patch DOES NOT fix the ability to enable Outlook scanning, and move from one email to the next with the arrow keys, and open an attachment without crashing Outlook.
So this begs the question, when is the bug going to be fixed that prevents a user from arrowing from one message to the next and opening an attachment with Outlook Scanning Enabled? And if you think you fixed it with the patch, you did not. You only fixed the ability to disable Outlook scanning and still open attachments.
I don't want my users having a red-x'ed shields in their system trays because Outlook Scanning is disabled and I have 7 more business customers to upgrade from SCS. I want to know this problem is fixed before I upgrade any more!

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Ongoing pain's picture

Here's a repeat of the same post I had in a thread reporting this same problem:

I continue to have the problems on an Outlook 2002 client with the outlook patch installed (v. 11.0.1002.1378).  At first the patch seemed to work, then the problems resumed.  Seems to be with HTML formatted emails with attachments.  Just using the up arrow from the previous email causes the crash.  Double clicking the email in the inbox opens the email without crashing, but trying to then open the attachment from within Outlook (double clicking the attachment) crashes Outlook again.

Seeing same problems on Outlook 2003 clients without the outlook patch (running MR1).

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I had a user running Outlook 2003 with SEP 11.0.4 they had the same problem. Iahd a hard time finding the cause of th eproblem until I read your post. Of the 100 client that have been moved from SAV 10.2 to SEP she is the only user who clicks on the blue arrow to move to the next email.   I removed SEP and installed SAV 10.2, so far so good.