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Outlook 2007 Crash with MR1

Created: 15 Jan 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 15 comments
... and another Problem ... this time with the Outlook Component of SEP 11 MR1.
Open an email from the Inbox. Open the attachment by double clicking on it, or by previewing it ... no problem.
Get to the same email not by clicking on it in the Inbox, but by getting to this email with the Previous or Next Item Arrow from an open email and then you try to open the attachment and Outlook crashes.
Very annoying.
You uninstall SEP and Outlook works like a charm.
Hope Symantec will read this message and tell us if a fix is on the way.

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Eduardo Menegalli Nazato's picture

Same problem here, but kinda worse: no attachment open, don't matter how you open the email, or where it's located. It's happening with both Outlook 2003 and 2007.

It started some hours after upgrading SEP to MR1. Even unninstalling SEP or Office didn't fix the problem.

Maelstrom's picture

Same problem here. We think it's outlook 2007 and SEP, but with so many bugs floating around who knows. This crap was supposed to be fixed in MR1 per the change log.

Actually if the outlook is open for a period of time i'll get performance hits, and eventually a Virtual Memory problem,  Page file bloats, and everything grinds to an awesome halt.  I get application errors: smcgui.exe corrupted memory, smc.exe. Someone didn't cleanup a pointer. This is what happens when you have interns test your products. At least tech support speaks understandable English.

My solution, at the server disable outlook scanning. No problems reported in a couple hours.


Eduardo Menegalli Nazato's picture

Well, here the outlook scanning feature is already disabled... actually, it's been always disabled :smileyindifferent:

Maelstrom's picture


Afer I disabled it. No one can open their attachments. I get a can't find object, operation failed error.

I guess this is what they call the 'bleeding edge.'

Eduardo Menegalli Nazato's picture

wow, it worked perfectly :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks a lot!

sedlerj1's picture
The patch listed in the article worked for us.  Thanks. 
Heath Higgins's picture
does this patch have to be manually installed on clients that are having the issue or is there some way to deploy it using SEPM ?
SKlassen's picture
It can't be deployed through SEPM unless Symantec adds it to the LiveUpdate packages as a program update.  If you don't have some 3rd party tool to deploy updates, a cheapo means of doing so remotely is to use PSExec from Microsoft/Sysinternals.

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Heath Higgins's picture
that's lame. i remember from my ePO days i could simply check in a patch to the repository and the clients would pick it up when they checked for the virus definitions. seems like such a basic task that i'm surprised this is not a feature.
SKlassen's picture
FYI:  To anyone this may be relevent for.  When deploying this patch remotely using the appropriate .msp command-line switches, for Vista 32bit systems (possibly also 64bit, but I don't have any of those) the .msp installer will ignore the /norestart switch and WILL reboot.  XP, 2000, and 2003 either don't need a reboot to install the patch or they abide by the /norestart switch.  Thankfully I only have 6 Vista systems right now, so only 6 confused and angry users.
I figure this might help somebody else to avoid a little oopsy.
Xelliz's picture
Has anyone applied MR2 hoping to solve this problem?  One of my coworkers found this patch, and tested it with success.  However, MR2 release notes says it takes care of this problem (at least thats what it read like to me), however when we upgraded and tested, Outlook still crashed on the attachments.
So basically...even with MR2, am I still going to need this?

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Nate80's picture
I have upgraded to MR2 and am still having the issue. I tried installing the patch but I wasn't able to because the patch won't install on the client running MR2.
SKlassen's picture
Nate80:  That patch was for an outlook problem involving not being able to open attachments that was found in MR1.  This fix is already incorporated into MR2.
The issue with Outlook crashing when the arrow buttons are used is different.  There is currently no fix for this, but it is being worked on.  Please see the post by Paul Murgatroyd in the thread at  .
Brad Newton's picture
If you haven't opened a support ticket with Symantec yet, please do so.  This is a known issue, but more tickets need to be opened with Support so that it will receive a higher priority. 
Please ask your support engineer to link your call to defect number: 1222352