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Outlook 2010

Created: 23 Apr 2010 | 48 comments
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Since it's now RTM, with general release in 4 days, are there any plans to make the EV client compatible?

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EV9 is planned to support Exchange 2010 SP1 and Outlook 2010. Seeing as the product has just gone to general release i'm sure it will take a few months to have EV fully tested and supported on the new product. 

EV9 is expected for release in Q3 of this year

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Thanks - I guessed this would be the case, but would like some confirmation from Symantec.
The compatibility with Exchange 2010 is clearly documented, but not the Outlook 2010.

I do find it annoying that Symantec always wait until well after release of products before releaseing compatible versions.
Those of us that are forced to be early adopters always fall foul of this (SEP was a nightmare waiting for Win 7 support).

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You must take into account that up until the release date the manufacture (Microsoft) can make changes to the software so most companies will wait until the full release is out before they start certification. I'm sure they do testing at the Beta level but seeing as changes can happen they cant go through the rigorous testing process until RTM has been achieved. I agree that it is painful but would you certify from a Beta?. As an admin of EV I prefer that they certify on the full product.

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I do take that into account - we are a development company.

It's not that difficult to do, to develop and certify to the beta/RC's, repeating the certification process post release - If changes have occurred, these are usually minor and don't usually take long to rectify.
Doing this costs a bit more, but it means products can be certified within a very short period, rather than leaving the bulk of development until post release, which the timescales involved suggest that Symantec do.

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Well the people that can change that are on Connect every day so i'm sure you may get a response from one of them on this.

I'm not Symantec so I'm not sure if I can do any more to help

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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to clarify what will and will not be included in the EV 9.0 release later this year.
As Scanner notes above, EV 9.0 is indeed planned to be Generally Available in Q3 this year with First Availability being available for customers currently on the beta program a couple of weeks prior to this date.
EV 9.0 will included support for Exchange 2010 SP1 (not original release) but will not provide support for Outlook 2010.

While Outlook 2010 has gone RTM, Enterprise Vault support will be provided in an upcoming release (but not EV 9.0 original release) later in the year.
As noted, it does take some time to provide support for a major release such as this including in this particular case a full port of the EV client to use the newer OOM (Outlook Object Model) and full QA testing of the solution. Therefore at the moment I don't have dates to communicate to you however you should expect to hear more information from us a litle later in the year.




When Outlook migrates from 2007 to 2010 with EV8 aleady installed, what will be the impact ?

What are the areas in which the back up or archieving gets affected ?

Does it pose any problem to outlook ?

Does the migration from EV8 to EV9 takes place automatically ?

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when the client comes out you will need to redistribute the new client on a per computer basis
if you install Outlook 2010 on to of 2007 with the EV8 client, it just simply won't work (though there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that items can be opened, you just won't have the EV toolbars and such to restore and archive items and other actions such as vault cache and virtual vault etc)

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I empathize that coding, and recoding take time, but we've got a number of clients wanting to go to Exchange 2010 ASAP, currently are running Outlook 2003, and are plannig on skipping Outlook 2007.  A delay in the EV9.0 client support for Outlook 2010 will delay many projects.  E2010 isn't playing very well with Outlook 2003 clients, hence most wanting to upgrade the client before Exchange.

There certainly have been a LOT of changes with E2010 and O2010, but sometimes it feels like there haven't been as many resources thrown at getting this product line recoded, and MS is doing all they can to take advantage of the delay in 3rd party vendors in getting out to market.

Sure glad I'm not a programmer though...

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When a EV9 client is released for Outlook 2010, will it be compatable with our EV8SP3 servers?  Our Exchange environment is EX2007 SP2.  I know clients usually work +/- 1 version from the server but since this seems like a bigger untaking wondered if that would still be the case.

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right now there isn't a definitive answer for this as it will depend on whether the code changes are all client-side or if server-side changes need to be made too. Once we are a little further into the test cycles we will be able to provide a more definitive statement.

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Can I ask you to clarify....

Not knowing whether code changes are all client side or server side or both suggests you have only just started looking at this - is this the case?

Realistically, I'd expect you to at least be preparing long before RTM - if you did indeed wait until RTM before starting to look, then you are understandably months away from a viable release - which forces me in the position of thinking about alternative solutions.......

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for what its worth, i don't believe there is any archiving product with Outlook 2010 support yet except for Exchange's own native "archiving" capabilities
(at least not from any of the major competitors that i just checked)

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Please rest assured that we have been working on this for a significant amount of time already. My comment was a little rushed and I can see how it would lead to that impression. Apologies for that

If I was to say now that it's all client side and then we later found a bug that required a server side change during the test phase then that would make my comment incorrect and would potentially be a problem for people who had planned to just carry out a client upgrade and then suddenly needed to also plan a server upgrade. That's why I'm erring on the side of caution

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Although its expected that the Enterprise Vault Outlook 2010 add-in will be made later this year, it is obviously subject to change at any time and there's nothing to say it will be released in EV9, however I would assume this will be the case.

From the Compatibility charts ( Page 99:
"Enterprise Vault clients will operate with Enterprise Vault server 8.0 or later"

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Further to this and many other conversations and discussions around Enterprise Vault's support for Outlook 2010 as a client, I am pleased to announce that Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 will be the delivery vehicle for this integration. This revised timescale will mean that Symantec will be able to offer a client this Calendar Year. General Availability is planned for the second half of this calendar year. We will work to get a tech note with this information created and posted externally as soon as possible.'s picture

Providing a link to the following technote as a follow up on this topic:
In short... Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 is still the eta.

Enterprise Vault Support for Outlook 2010

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re: "Enterprise Vault Support for Outlook 2010"

"* Enterprise Vault is planning to introduce support for Outlook 2010 in its 9.0.1 release.
* General Availability is targeted for Q4 CY2010"

I'm finding it hard to believe that you guys can't get an updated client out to support Outlook 2010 until the end of the year !!!

There must be a large bunch of customers doing Windows 7 + Office 2010 work right now.
Not having an EV client to support Outlook 2010 is a major PITA.

Forgetting about Exchange 2010 for a moment - why couldnt you just provide an updated client to work with Outlook 2010 on exsiting back-ends?
It seems (poliently) bizzare to focus on Exchange 2010 support first (with 9.0) and not to provide support until 9.0.1.
How hard would it be to make the necessary changes to and added into an exsting version (e.g. soemthign like 8.0 SP5?)

Office previews and Betas have been around for a seriously long time before Office 2010 went RTM and despite this it's taking ~ 7 months after RTM before you can ship a client!!!
That smacks of either poor stategic planning, some serious development issues or - most likley - a combination of both.

You seem to be "shooting yourselves in the foot" over this one. SURLEY there has got to be a way you can come out with a cleint to support Outlook 2010 in a more reasonable timeframe (please!)

- AL

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Hi Al,

>>How hard would it be to make the necessary changes to and added into an exsting version (e.g. soemthign like 8.0 SP5?)

I appreciate that from the outside Outlook 2010 looks like a simple certification effort but for us that is not the case; if it was that simple then we would have announced support a long time ago. Outlook 2010 requires a significant amount of both development and QA time because of changes to how add-ins are allowed to interface with Outlook. Unfortunately these changes were not announced ahead of time so we have had to react to the situation whilst our resources were already commited to other work. I know it's frustrating (we want it to work as much as you do!) but we really are going as fast as we can. Work on Exchange 2010 work actually started ahead of first availability for the new Outlook beta builds, so that was already committed and not something we could postpone

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- Do you have a date for when you expect to have a Beta of the EV client with support for Outlook 2010?

- How can people sign-up to get on the Beta?


- AL

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there is no plan for a beta of the client

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We plan to roll out Outlook 2010 as soon as the EV issue is resolved.

1. Do you have a more definitive date for the 9.0.1 release (or is it 9.0 SP1)?

2. Will this release support Outlook 2010 64-bit on day one?

3. We are on EV 2007 v7.5. Is it a good idea to start upgrading the server now to cut time? What is the recommended upgrade path? I would prefer not to roll out an interim client if possible.

Thank you,


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Hopefully some answers :-

1) There is no publicised actual date for the release of 9.0.1.. yes it is 9 SP 1 (but the naming standard has changed).

2) Yes 64 bit on day one is the plan.

3) Yes, not only will you get the benefit of OSIS, you'll also great features like Vault Cache, and Virtual Vault, if you upgrade the client, and Move Archive on the server side.  If you stay at the 2007 client, for now, then you'll still get OSIS, and Move Archive, and Offline Vault will continue to work if you use it.  The upgrade paths are described in the release notes, and upgrade guides in the media kit.

Hope that helps,

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Just to make things clearer from a QA perspective, and because others may find this information useful for planning upgrades to support the 9.0.1 client:

- We have no intention of testing the 9.0.1 user extensions against EV 7.0/2007

- There will be a server side hotfix required to fully support the 9.0.1 client against EV 8.0 (Server Service Pack levels TBC) and EV 9.0 base release server versions. There is no plan to provide the same server side fixes for EV 7.0 and 2007

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Justin, I just downloaded the new 9.0 client and tested it out in Outlook 2010. I am receiving an error message "This version of the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in is not compatible with the installed version of Microsoft Outlook." This is on the 32 bit outlook and 64 bit outlook.

We are also having issues with Entourage also but not sure if that is an EV9 issue.

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The 9.0 client does not support Outlook 2010.    It will be the 9.0.1 (aka EV 9 SP 1) client that will.

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ok I just noticed something very crazy.

EV client 8.0.9885 works with Outlook 2010 32 bit! the only problem I am running into is I cannot locate the add-in on the ribbon in outlook. so basically missing the archive explorer view which is great to have.

since we vault emails over 30 days and then remove the outlook links that are 6 months and older the only option is to use OWA if we need to find something that we normally would use archive explorer for.

I do also agree with others that Symantec has had plenty of time since 2010 Beta to get a working product out. End of this year is very unacceptable!

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Mike, there is a workaround for Search and Archive Explorer. Create two folders in the mailbox called "EV Search" and "Archive Explorer" (or whatever you want to call them!) and set the homepage for the folder to the appropriate URLs for the web pages. You can use Policy Manager (EVPM) to script the creation of these folders, including setting the homepage. Please see the Utilities help for more information, specifically the URL setting in the [Folder] section.

As Rob points out below though, if you are using the EV 8.0 client against OL 2010 in production then it is at your own risk

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Mike S, I wouldn't use that in a production environment - if you encounter problems, you'll be completely out on an unsupported limb.

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Sorry, forgot to touch on the last point.  Our Developers did start working with Outlook 2010 during the Outlook 2010 beta, and even before.

However, there was ZERO documentation from Microsoft.  Our Developers were left with guess work over how the Outlook Object Model worked, and there was actually a lot of poor reliability in the OOM once parts of it were figured out.

That doesn't excuse us for the delay, but hopefully it helps you (and everyone else) to understand that it is not/was not an "easy" task.

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Thanks Rob.

Since my company is moving to 2010 I cannot wait for Symantec to come out with a workable client at this point. So for now my only option is to use the 8.0.9 client so I can at least see 2010 before my users do. I understand this is more of an Alpha test on my part by doing things this way. I do have OWA as a back up if I really need to.

One more question while I have you here. I know that there is supposed to be support with the EV9 client for Entourage 2008 and soon Outlook for Mac. Will the bulk of the support come with SP1 just like Office Outlook 2010? We are still experiencing issues retreiving vaulted attachments.


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Mike, as you say, Entourage 2008 is supported in the 9.0 client though there are some limitations which are documented in the "readmefirst", so it's worth having a scan through there to make sure it meets your requirements.

Unfortunately there is currently no ETA on Outlook for Mac for much the same reason that we have had issues with delivering our support for Outlook 2010 (frustratingly it looks like another case of deprecated interfaces). We have an escalation open with Microsoft to try to resolve the issue but until we get an answer from them we can't commit to a specific release.

Mike S.'s picture

Hey Nick, I have looked over the "readmefirst" and it is very vague. It says that Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 is supported. But what does that mean? Does it just mean we can install the client on the OS?

I did notice that there was a change to Entourage but, it is not what we had hoped it would be. My team and I was hoping it would be more like it is with Outlook 2007. Will this change with 9.0.1?

If what you are saying is true about the M$ support than I have to say that is horrible.

Thanks for all of your help :)

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Hi Mike,

For clarity, check out the Compatability Table document in the support knowledgebase as that should make it clearer. I should probably have pointed you there instead of the readme file!

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I’m afraid I have to call you on this one:

Document release date Nov 2009

Summary: This article presents a top-level view of the enhancements and additions for developers in Microsoft Outlook 2010. It also examines, in depth, some of the new and enhanced objects in the Outlook object model, including their properties, methods, and events. For developers who are eager to learn the Outlook platform, this article provides sufficient detail to begin coding against Outlook 2010.

Whether or not this provided sufficient info for you I cannot say, but to say there was ZERO info is pushing it somewhat.

Rob.Wilcox's picture

There might have been top level information (such as deprecated interfaces, and so forth).. but unless we/you have a copy of that web site going back to the publish date (November 2009) then we can't say for sure whether there was "enough" information there or not.

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Hi Nick, I appreciated that it is not supported by Symantec but do you know if Outlook 2011 for MAC will function against EV 8.0 SP4?


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Once we have a working client we will be able to determine which EV server versions will be supported, which will most likely be in line with current +1/-1 major version support for EV clients against the EV server. We're still deep in conversation with Microsoft to resolve the technical challenges, so until that has played out it's impossible to say what the delivery vehicle will be and hence what the officially supported combinations will be

So, no answer just yet, but we're working to get there!

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according to trusted resources EV 9.0.1 has releasedate on monday 25th october

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Please see Rob's post below with regards to the early shipping of the client to support Outlook 2010. The full release of EV 9.0.1 is not due until early December

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i just read a twitter post that said the 9.0.1 client for Outlook 2010 will be available on the 22nd.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Andrew, i have an email form Glenn Martin @SYMC syaing 25th. Tend to trust email more than a tweet wink

Mohawk Marvin's picture

And just now I got an email from saying the 22nd as well, turns out twitter was the right after all blush

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It will RTM on the 22nd, and will be made available on FileConnect on the 25th.

So, you are both correct... :D

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Sure dude, you're alway correct as always :D