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Outlook 2010 and evaul client

Created: 07 Aug 2012 • Updated: 11 Oct 2012 | 8 comments
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We are using Evault 9.0.1 and we upgraded some of our Outlook clients from 2007 to 2010 and we are using Exchange 2010 with Outlook Anywhere (OA). Since the Outlook 2010 clients cannot open archived email I read the documentation on how to enable in the Evault server for Proxy or Direct. I do not want to publish any urls so I assume I will be using proxy, correct? Do I use the same url in the RPC connection url in the Exchange Policy Properties below, which is the same url I use for clients for RPC\HTTP in Outlook?

Here below I'm using the as the RPC\HTTP url. This is the same url we use in our Outlook clients for HTTP\RPC.Is this configured correctly?


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Those documents are what led me to initiate the question. Thanks.

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Yes that is the URL you need to use .

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Thanks RahulG. There still seems to be a problem somwhere since 2010 Outlook users still cannot open archived email (Outlook 2007 users have no problem).

Outlook 2010 users receive this when they open an archived item:

 "This item has been archived by Enterprise vault. Please ensure you have installed the latest version of the Enterprise Vault client software."

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Is this for internal to the company or external to the company?
If its purely internal you should just use direct and it will just go straight to the EV Server that hosts your archive, if its external then you will have to do some kind of publishing of the /EnterpriseVault directory and have your RPC over HTTPS URL reflect that.

But setting that URL for purely internal is pointless

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Ok. It needs to be setup for internal clients and for when clients are external (if external clients areon vpn that will suffice for now).

For external do I use the https// (url used in outlook clients for rpc\http)?Or is there some EV url that I need to use?

So the url is onlyfor external clients, correct?

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So what should happen is that EV will first of all attempt to contact the EV Server directly.
So like http://EVServer1/EnterpriseVault/ .... if it gets a response and it works, it will continue to use that URL, if it fails, then it will use whatever the URL you put in the Policy.

Typically you would have something like on an external DNS site pointing at an ISA/TMG or some other software or device that publishes your OWA components. In this case you would use ISA/TMG to publish the EnterpriseVault virtual directory.

so it would be something like <-- ISA/TMG --> http://evserver1/EnterpriseVault <-- ISA/TMG --> http://casServer1/OWA

If you use OWA 2003 , you can use the /EnterpriseVaultProxy/ instead which sits on the FrontEnd OWA Servers instead of publishing your EV Servers /EnterpriseVault/ directory which adds a little bit more security, but for OWA2007 and OWA2010 the proxy directory was removed.

Some good links to check are:

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Also another thing to note is that in the shortcut of emails, you may have the body of an email with attachments and a link to the attachment, but the link will always be the internal server.

So you may have something like
Attachment 1: myExcelSpreadsheet.xlsx

But the link will point to http://myEVServer1/EnterpriseVault/Download.asp?....

The user will have to double click the shortcut to retrieve the items from Enterprise Vault, rather than clicking on the links in the preview of the item.

If you were to use Outlook Web Access you could use link translation that would convert http://myEVServer1/EnterpriseVault/* to* and those links would work, but only in OWA and not in Outlook.

Another alternative would be to give those users Vault Cache and Virtual Vault and not publish any website, just so long as they can connect to a vpn or go in to the office from time to time to synchronize their vault cache