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Outlook 2010 and/or EV Add-in issue

Created: 24 Sep 2012 • Updated: 08 Dec 2012 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

This is most likely not an EV add-in issue but if anyone have seen this behaviour before and found a solution, then that would be excellent.

IHAC where the administrator have issues on one of his machines, so everything works on two other systems but on one it doesn't.

The issue is that when he double clicks on an archived mail a window popup which says that it can't open the item.

Open items via Search works without issues.

I've done a client trace but I can't even see the download request in the trace so I suspect that the request don't reach the add-in itself.

The add-in is enabled (checked via trust center) we have tried a uninstall/install and resetevclient, new mail profile, no new events in the eventview and so on.

Still the same issue.

The only thing that I know for sure is different on this machine is that he has tested the next release of Outlook (beta) on it, that version have been uninstalled and he now uses Outlook 2010. So it may be some leftovers from that beta that causes this issue but again I'm not sure.

Anyway, since this is localized to just one machine there is always an option to re-install it.

But it would be great if someone have suggestions on how to avoid that step.



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Hey Fredrik,

What I would try is uninstall EV add-in and Outlook.  Then remove the Outlook registry keys.  Reinstall Outlook and EV add-in and then try again.


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So earlier did he have a nice working Office 2010 ...  installed Office 2013/2015/beta...  uninstalled that.  And that's where we are right now?

The client trace might have some clues earlier on in it.. ie .. does it report the correct version of Outlook?

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Hi Rob,

Yes it reports the correct version of Outlook 2010, have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both addin and outlook but no go. It's a bit strange that e.g. the search button works but not double clicking an item.

Could the forms really be the issue here, seems a bit strange to me.

The trace state that the same version of the forms are installed/copied but I guess it could be worth a try to remove the forms and let it sync. again.


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So you have buttons on the tool bar that work?

Can you post an image of the popup or add it as an attachment?

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Do you know if the steps that I described are those that were carried out?  And which OS was involved?

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For some reason this sounds like a similar issue to getting the client to work on Citrix.

You might want to make sure Outlvbs.dll is registered properly.



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