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Outlook 2010 searching with Vault Cache and no Virtual Vault

Created: 12 Dec 2012 • Updated: 12 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have a quick question about searching for archived items when using Vault cache but not virtual vault.

I have a customer who is going from Outlook 2003 to 2010 and WIndows XP to Windows 7 and there appears to be a change in the way things work in EV. They are using EV 10 with EV 10 SP2 client on the new workstations.

They are deleting shortcuts over a certian period and can not find items when offline (in vault cache), how are users supposed to find these items.

Am I missing something here in how outlook needs to be configured for this to work. Search vaults no longer works also when offline

Is this documented anywhere. I have seen this link here but it seems that only header cache is searchable

Thanks in advance


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How are they doing the search?

Via 'Windows Search' (ie click Start -> start type in the search dialog)

- This will search Vault Cache.

Via 'Outlook Instant Search' -> Start searching straight from inside Outlook

- This will search the metadata cache, ie virtual vault

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Thanks Rob for the reply.

They are using the Outlook instant search within Outlook.

So if they are searching the metadata cache, it will only search for recipients, subject etc. not a full index search. 

Maybe they are searching for data within the email.

If they used Virtual Vault would this give them the full index seach capabilties while offline, via Outlook instant search. Or is it just the Windows 7 search that gives the full search results

Is this change documented anywhere as the client  guides do not mention this as I will need to show the customer. All it says is to use the search vaults icon which does not work when offline like it used to


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Yes, just metadata of the message, and around 120 characters of the body.

No adding virtual vault wouldn't change this currently.  It's only Windows 7 Search that gives them the full vault cache search.

Hmm not sure it is documented explicitly, but you'll find reference to it in a number of places such as :

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Thanks Rob

Guess they will need to change the way they search for items. Something else to add to their user training material.