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Outlook 2013 & Enterprise Vault 9.0.3

Created: 30 Jan 2013 • Updated: 10 Feb 2013 | 9 comments
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Hello All,

we have Enterprise vault environment 9.0.3 and all the clients currently are on windows 7 with outlook 2007 SP3 running on them, the exchange environment is Exchange 2007 SP3 and we are in middle of migration to Exchange 2010.

On the other side our client team is working on rolling out Outlook 2013 to the client users and i am trying to find an option where we can still make outlook 2013 client working with Enterprise Vault 9.0.3, i read online that the Evault has to be v10.0.3 to support outlook 2013 but at this point we are not in a position to upgrade Evault infrastructure. I was wondering if i just install v10 client addin on outlook 2013 machine would that be able to work with 9.0.3 backend.

Awaiting for some promissing response.

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Rob.Wilcox's picture

You could/should try the 10.0.3 *client* with Outlook 2013, and the 9.0.3 server.

Typically, and I think that holds true here, the regular Outlook Addin is +1, -1 when it comes to server version support.

Satyendra's picture

Alright so i installed the 10.0.3 adding on my computer which is running outlook 2013, i see the Evault tab and when i click on the Archive Explorer buttion it kinda changes my view but i don't get into Archive explorer.

What happens is the left side of the outlook with folder list dissappears and i click on the AE button again and outlook comes back to normal view.

So it isn't quite working properly, is there a fix for this?

StephenConnolly's picture

What Browser version do you have?

Stephen Connolly | Configuration Manager| Cofunds Ltd | LinkedIn

Rob.Wilcox's picture

For what it's worth...

Windows 7 x64 SP1 + Office 2013 x64 + EV 10.0.3 (Internet Explorer 8) = working

Windows 8 x64 + Office 2013 x64 + EV 10.0.3 (Internet Explorer 10) = working

For me that is.

If it's not working for you then yep have a look at what you did with Browser Choice, and/or post a client log file...  maybe?  I mean did you wait (first time in you have to wait for IIS to sort it's life out - I just waited nearly one minute on my virtual machines)..  

Did you try other functions like opening an archived item?

Satyendra's picture

It was simply a outlook client restart and it started working :)

Do you know if this is Symantec supported way or we get out of support by using 10.0.3 client against 9.0.3 backend?

RichardG's picture

It should be fully supported based on the principal that the EV client supports one EV server version up or down.

Alex Brown's picture

As Richard says this combination (9.0.3 EV server with the 10.0.3 EV client) is fully supported.

To sumarise, the EV 10.0.3 client can be used with any EV 9 or 10 server back-end.

In your case of using an EV 9.0.3 server back-end then you will want to consider installing this hotfix:

BrianInMD's picture

Based on this information, should the 10.0.3 client work with any version of Vault 9 server?  I'm running 9.0, no service packs.


Rob.Wilcox's picture

Yes, but you won't get the full benefit without upgrading to a higher version of 9, on the server.