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Outlook 2013 / EV9 / Client 10.0.3 / Exchange 2010

Created: 15 Aug 2013 • Updated: 30 Aug 2013 | 12 comments
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I've just got my new Windows 8 laptop and realised that EV isn't functioning within Outlook 2013, I did some research and saw many suggested needing the EV 10.0.3 Outlook client - I've since downloaded this and installed the cumulative patch 2 over the top of it, however whilst I see the add-in listed in the COM add-in section of Outlook, I cannot get it to activate... if i tick it and reload Outlook, it will uncheck itself.

I saw that client 10.0.4 is released, but I cannot find the install anywhere, can anybody help on that front?

Failing that some information to debug the issue would be appreciated.

P.S OWA presents EV9 functionality fine, just OL that needs work...

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Hi there,

I take it you are an end user and not an EV admin?  There needs to be a server side upgrade.  If you look at the compatibilit doc you will see this footnote:

Requires Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 or later service pack.

Enterprise Vault Compatibility List
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You will need to speak to our EV admin team, I would highly recommend getting to EV 10 sp4 as there are a lot of great features in addition to OL 2013 support.


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If your EV server is 9.0.X then your extension can be 10.0 SP3/SP4 as support +1/-1 level for server & client binaries (Page no 10 of compatiblity guide), OL 2013 with EV 10.0 sp3/+CU2/SP4 is supported as long as you have EV 9.0.X OR Above server binaries.

EV 10.0 SP4 comes up with greate feature as Tony said so you can make use of it if interested.

Regarding OL 2013 extension are showing, Can you see if EV add in is checked as screenshot mentioned, If it is uncheck during reload of OL then please send client log for further troubleshooting.

Regarding EV 10 SP4, you need to download it from  & provide your serial no. If EV 10.0 SP4 is not showing then you need to contact your Symantec a/c manager or licensing team

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A shame the research wasn't done BEFORE getting a Windows 8 laptop with Outlook 2013

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Win 8 as client OS is also supported with EV 10.0 sp3 or higher client extension.

Page 51

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and, as Tony has already said, on page 52/53 for Outlook 2013 the EV Server needs to be 10.0.3 or later

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I might be misunderstanding the doc, but I thought there were some server-side changes to support OL 2013. 

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Ok, I'll deal with Ed's unhelpful comment; it's a BYOD device using O365... my production device is intact, thank you for your concern.

To bring the thread up to speed, I now have basic functionality working on OL2013 (Outlook Anywhere) through the 10.0.3 client (using the cumulative patch 2). I rebooted and ran a repair and that action appears to have kicked the plugin in to life.

Fundamentally this allows me to open archived mail and view any attachments perfectly well. The missing functionality is that the Archive Explorer and Search functions do not work. I also cannot see any right-click functions in the context menu as per OWA.

Are the issues above typical with 10.0.3, and is 10.0.4 likely to aid in that respect?

(Backend is 9.0.2)

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Do you see Archive explorer & search option visible EV toolbar, if yes then what happens when you click on any of these option, Does any error/warning comes? In my memory there is no known problem with 10.0 sp3/sp4 in respect to issue you have mentioned.

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Hi there.

Interestingly it looks as though the EV consultant we've got in has fixed some issues. Seemingly one of the EV servers has issues with the web-services/shopping cart service, it seems that change has fixed issues with the Archive/Search functionality - Excellent!

So, on the 10.0.4 client, would that offer me anymore functionality? Right now it seems I can restore from the ribbon toolbar, but there's no option to manually archive - from either the toolbar or the right-click menu.

Update - It seems my mail archive was on the affected server...


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Thanks for the update, apparently I was misunderstanding the compatibility doc.  Glad you are sorted.

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The button visibility/availability is governed by the desktop policy on the EV server. It'll need to be changed to give you the buttons you want, the mailbox will need to be resynchronised with the mailbox archiving task, and Outlook will need to be restarted.

You don't get 'right click -> archive' in Outlook, like you do in Outlook Web App.