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Outlook client shows double shortcuts

Created: 13 Sep 2012 | 8 comments's picture

Hi  Team,

We  have migrated EV server from one server to another server.

For  one of  the user , in microsoft  outlook we see shortcuts from old ev server.

Please  provide procedure to delete  those shortcuts.


Prajyot k

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You can use Duplicates Email Remover software to run on the client machine to remove all duplicate messages. You should really investigate why you have duplicates though.

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Just to clarify, the Duplicates Email Remover needs to be run from the client machine, it's an add-in for Outlook and it should remove all the duplicate items in the user's mailbox, not just EV shortcuts.

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I suggest you to delete all shortcuts from the user’s mailbox and create once again by running the exchange task in shortcut processing mode against that particular user only.

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mayu, any reason why you would suggest what you have suggested? because what you have suggested would not recreate the shortcuts then the users would end up having no shortcuts at all.

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Depending on the version of Exchange you're running you may be able to do something with PowerShell.

I'm also assuming the old EV server has a different name / DNS alias to the new one, as that is the text string you'd search for.

So something like the following....

Get-Mailbox | Export-Mailbox –ContentKeywords "evserver1.mydomain.local" –TargetMailbox Administrator –TargetFolder 'MyData' –DeleteContent

This will search through all mailboxes in the organisation for messages containing the text "evserver1.mydomain.local" in the body and copy them to a folder named MyData in the Administrator's mailbox, and delete the original message from the source mailboxes.  You could modify the command to delete the message straight off if you were confident it was working correctly.

Hope this helps.


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My idea is to delete shortcuts since it was very difficult to differentiate which shortcut belongs to which EV server if the shortcuts are created by two different EV server. I assume that this mailbox was migrated. It’s better to delete all shortcuts and run the exchange task in shortcut processing mode which will recreate all the shortcuts.

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NO...running the Exchange Task in shortcut processing mode will NOT recreate the shortcuts!!!!

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You'd have to delete all the shortcuts, then export the archive to PST and reimport selecting the option to create shortcuts in the mailbox.