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Outlook Doing Full Sync after Emails are Vaulted

Created: 07 May 2013 • Updated: 09 May 2013 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We have EV 10.0.3 with users running Outlook 2010-addin with Light functionality.

Settings are set to use Vault Cache and sync only items that are opened.
Users use Cached Exchange mode for Outlook Profiles.

Provisioned a whole bunch of users at one of my sites late yesteday and today noticed those users Outlooks are doing a huge sync and killing the network.

Checked if it is Virtual Vault sync but it isnt as users have 0 items it thier cache. Tested by opening an item and then approx 37Kb synced to the VC.

So assuming this is Outlook syncing its OST after seeing the changes in the Mailbox on Exchange?.

Confirmed it must be this as all the traffic is coming form the CAS server.

So is this by design? Does Outlook re-sync its OST?
Checked the changes of an OST on a user and it hasnt grown or reduced so again assuming its simple syncing the folder structure and updating.

Is this by design and can anyone confirm this is normal behaviour?

Cheers guys!

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JesusWept3's picture

What is most likely happening is that the MetaData Cache (MDC) is being built for the use of Virtual Vault, it will contain the folders and short pieces of metadata to etc

This is synchronized from data held in the indexes and vault store databases etc,

Calis's picture

thanks mate, so am I safe to assume the MDC and DB sizes should equal or be close to the total size of the Vault Cache shown  under the Details tab? mine does anyway. So that doesnt seem to be the issue.


One of the users has been generating approx 75MB per 15mins from the mail server for virtually the entire working day since being Vaulted yesteday. THe rest are doing similar. 

I can see in his Outlook the status is updating folders.

When checking the MDV location there is only a 26MB MDC file which would be items the user has opened which then where cached to VC?

So again it looks like Outlook is generating this traffic not the VC. Unless VC has other hidden files?

I just realised that my Archiving Task schedule is set to archive every 1 hr between 6am to 6pm which is not ideal and was for our pre-production setup.

Would archiving while Outlook is online cause this issue? I woudlnt have thought so.\


Rob.Wilcox's picture

Well, everytime the archiving run processes a mailbox, and archives some items, and turns them in to shortcuts... those items then have to be re-synched to cached mode Outlook.

So if you're archiving throughout the day in stop start chunks, rather than a nice big wide window, then yes, you'll see *some* traffic, but not particularly lots ... if you are archive now, and archive again in an hour, a mailbox can't then have THEM many items in the space of that hour that become eligible for archiving.

Calis's picture

Rob yes you are right. Not many items would be eligible again within each hr.

ps. we don't use shortcuts to archived items.

Rob.Wilcox's picture

Okay, you don't create shortcuts to archived items?

Do you delete the original after archiving?

If so, then that delete still has to be synched to the cached mode Outlook.

Calis's picture

Rob, shortcuts arent used.

Items are deleted after archiving.

Surley if I removed 1GB of email from my mailbox Exchange wouldnt then send that 1GB of removed items back to my Outlook to simply have Outlook remove them from its OST/local cache?
That doesnt make sense or at least im not aware of seeing that happen.

Rob.Wilcox's picture

No you're right, but there will be a LOT of chatter to relay that deletion.

I'd suggest trying your tests with a NON-EV enabled user... and comparing with an EV-enabled user.

Calis's picture

Thanks Rob,

Logged a support call and the issue is now resloved.

Sounds silly but we realised the backup was failing on the vault and safety items where not being removed from the mailbox. So in essence a large amount of items where archived and we have set to "clear safety items after backup". Well backup didnt run so all the new users had huge changes to thier mailbox which caused massive sync to Outlook.

Thanks for the help guys.

Interseting how much you learn when you need to break down processes like this.:-)