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Outlook Reading Pane

Created: 13 Jul 2006 • Updated: 30 Oct 2013 | 11 comments
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I know at present this isn't available but has any one heard in future versions of KVS if you will be able to view a item in the vault via the Outlook reading pane?


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Micah Wyenn's picture


can you be a bit more specific? I thought you could view shortcuts in the reading pane without issue today.


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We can veiw shortcuts but i would like to be able to view the contants of the mail without opening it in the reading pane, as you do with normal exchange mail

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That's weird, and maybe I'm just insane today, but I think you're supposed to be able to preview the message with the reading pane. What type of shortcuts are you using, and what do you see in the pane when you hilight a vaulted msg?


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If I select a mail in the vault the reading pane is blank. From my understanding this is because the mail hasn't been retrieved from the vault like it would be if you double clicked on the vaulted mail

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James, what version of Outlook? From the docs:

There is a problem with Outlook XP versions before SP2 that prevents the contents of Enterprise Vault shortcuts from being displayed in the Outlook preview pane. To avoid the problem you must have Outlook XP SP2 or later, or Outlook 2003.

If this applies you need to set the "Fix Outlook Preview Pane" setting. If it doesn't...

The preview pane will not retrieve the mail, it merely shows what's in the shortcut. So if it has content for unarchived mail but not archived mail then you need to check the contents of the shortcut to see what's there.Message was edited by:
Lee Allison

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In addition to the above confirm that the mailbox policy under the shortcuts tab, has shortcut body set to "use message body"

From memory the default is "none"

Cheers ...


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I am running Outlook 2003 SP2 and have enabled "use message body" under the shortcuts tab but I still don't see the body of the email in the reading pane. I have also synchronised the exchange tasks.

Am I missing something?

TonySterling's picture

Changing shortcut content is not retroactive. What happens is you restore and the rearchive one of those, or archive a new message?

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Thanks, Just to confirm the change on the shortcuts policy to show message body will only apply to mail achieved after today's change?

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Yes James. Shortcut policies are one of those EV things you want to get right the first time, if only because changing it isn't retroactive. There isn't a simple way to regenerate those shortcuts that are already in ppl's mailboxes.

So as has been said, make the change, archive something new and check it.

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Hi Everyone,
I just want to be sure about something.
What is the fix for pre SP2 office XP's is used for? Is it only to be able to see shortcut content or the archived message? Since I'm a new user I'm still trying to figure out some comfort level for my users.