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Outlook Shared Mailbox Vault

Created: 25 Jan 2012 • Updated: 01 Mar 2012 | 7 comments
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I’m running into one hold up with how I need to use the Vault of a Shared Mailbox. When logged into Outlook as the shared mailbox profile everything works as expected, I can move emails into the Vault, delete emails in the Vault, etc. However, when I’m logged into Outlook with my individual profile I cannot add emails to the shared mailbox vault. I can see

  • At the very minimum I need to be able to have everyone with access to the shared mailbox be able to put emails into the shared vault while logged into outlook under their individual profiles.
  • Ideally all shared mailbox users would also be able to delete email from the shared mailbox vault while logged into with their individual profiles.

Is it possible to set the Vault up this way?


- S. N.

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What version of EV and what version of Outlook are you using?

And to clarify, do you want users to be able to archive items from their personal mailbox to the shared archive or just be able to manually archive items already in the shared mailbox?

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I'd like people to be able to archive items (manually, just clicking and dragging) from their personal mailbox to the shared vault (ideally if they make a mistake in dragging something over they could delete items as well). If they had that kind of permission I think they would also be able to archive items already in the shared mailbox. 

We have Enterprise Vault 9.0, Outlook 2007 (12.0)

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First, I want to caution against this.  I have seen this cause issues with other customers where they end up with shortcuts to items in their archived in shared mailboxes.  Another potential issue is that users can delete items that aren't theirs.  So just be mindful of the risk's.

That said, you can use the full DCOM client for Outlook 2007 and in your Desktop policy on the Advanced Tab for Outlook set the Outlook Add-In behavior to Normal.  This will allow users to see a dialouge box when archiving.

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From your comment

("I'd like people to be able to archive items (manually, just clicking and dragging) from their personal mailbox to the shared vault")

With Virtual Vault, users are only able to drag items (archive) to thier own primary archive/vault. From the document at

"...users can only archive to or restore from thier own primary vault. Additional Virtual Vault instances in an Outlook profile are read only"

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Good catch Ben, I looked right over that.

So to the OP, were you expecting to use Virtual Vault?

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im very confused, what does Virtual Vault have to do with any of this?

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The wording in the original post and his first reply sounds like he is talking about moving items into VV.  I want to verify rather or not Virtual Vault is in use or the comments are just poorly worded.