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Overwrite Backup Disk Folder

Created: 07 Oct 2012 | 7 comments

Hi All,

I have upgraded my backup exec 2010 to 2012 few months back. I have created a B2D for my file backup and set the retention period to 1 hour. But It will not overwrite the media and ask for the free space when backing up the files. How can I solve this problem?



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The media may not be overwriitten due to DLM 

Refer to the below blog


Also refer to

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To understand when DLM delete backup sets, rea my article below

After reading the article, if you have determined that there are backup sets which should have been deleted but are not, then you should open a support case with Symantec for them to take a look.  There are some users who complained that their backup sets are not deleted as they should.

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Hi All,

Anyway this is getting worst it seems. Backup Exec 2012 is the BIGGEST FAILURE in backup exec product line. Can anybody tell me how can I overwrite B2D folder simply?



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Hello Sachitha,

    Have you created the B2D on a removable drive or is it a local drive where the B2D is created? Are the backups content only the Fileserver or have you also selected Exchange which will create the IMG folders when GRT option is used.



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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Hi Sush,

B2D folder is creted on a local disk and only file serves are backed up.



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Look for the below settings

1. Click on the Backup Exec Icon on the Top Left -> Configuration and Settings -> Backup Exec Settings -> Storage.

2. Make sure that the Media overwrite options have been set to "Overwrite recyclable media contained in the target media set before overwriting sratch"

3. What is the job setting on the job for "keep for"

4. Also look a this article  It might be the reason for files not being overwritten.

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Some additional things you can check to see if/why your B2D folder is not being cleared out as you expect:

1) Check to see if DLM is actually running: Backup Exec Button, Configuration and Settings, Audit Log.

2) Select the Category "Backup Set Retention" from the drop-down at the top of the window

3) Sort by Date/Time (twice) to get the most recent items at the top

4) Review the items with the User Name of "Data Lifecycle Maintenance" (DLM) and see that it is deleting BOTH the "expired media" AND the "expired image" from the disk.

5) Review the B2D set names listed and physically look on your disk for any of those files still existing.  If any of the files exist, then there is a problem with being able to create/delete the files properly on the device.

6) If there are NO recent entries in this Audit Log, then DLM thinks it has nothing to delete and is not cleaning up space.

7) Another verification that you can do (that will show issues with the Dependency Chains as described in the above TechNote) is that you can goto Storage, <your storage device>, Backup Sets and scroll to the very bottom and then select one or more that you think should be deleting, right-click, and attempt to delete the backup set - if you get a Dependency Checker window, review what is in there to see what BE thinks is holding that backup set up from being deleted - you might find some surprising things there!

Good Luck, IHIH <been there>