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Overwrite Backup every Day on DISK

Created: 26 Jul 2014 • Updated: 20 Aug 2014 | 4 comments
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I have configured a Backup job which does backup one Server on BE Local Disk. I have set Retention Preiod for 2 Days, and Life Cycle 2 days. but its not overwriting the old backup sets.

Since I am really short in sotrage, I want following...

Option A >   

Day 1  >  Full Backup Set 1
Day 2  >  Overwrite Backup Set 1
Day 3  >  Overwrite Backup Set 1
and so on , it should overwrite same backup set every time for same job.

Option B >   

Day 1  >  Full Backup Set 1
Day 2  >  Full Backup Set 2
Day 3  >  Overwrite Backup Set 1
Day 4  >  Overwrite Backup Set 2
so that I can have two backup sets for best practcies,

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Disk storage is managed by DLM. Read the blog below and my article to figure out how to set your retention period.

I don't know what you mean by life-cycle, but you should be able to get what you want by setting the retention period to 0

You should get more disk space. Having only the most recent backup sets is a recipe for disaster. What happens if they are corrupted and not usable? You are left with nothing to restore

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I can see that backup is still not overwriting,

Following are my settings.


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By default, BE will keep the last backup chain, until the next full backup is done. At the minimum you will have two full backup on your disk

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To turn off protection for the last backups (not recommended, but if you insist):

Backup exec button -> Backup Exec Settings -> Storage -> Data management -> Check Allow Backup Exec to delete all exipred backup sets.

There will be a huge warning that pops up, but it will allow you to control your data removal instead of backup exec keeping what you believe to be irrelavent data sets around.