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overwrite policy on 2012 vray

Created: 04 Jun 2014 | 8 comments

Hi all,

I have backup exec 2012 vray. I have a mediaset of 3 empty tape and a backup job. I don't understand why the job take the tapes from scratch and not the emptys that are in the associated mediaset.

Thank you


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Go to the BE option, under Media Management, make sure that you enable the option to use recyclable media before scratch Media

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yes this was already set.

I want add the mediaset is

overwrite period: infinite

append period: infinite

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Because you set your OPP as infinite, there is no overwritable tapes in the media set, so BE is forced to take tapes from the scratch Media set. You must set the OPP to reasonable period so that there are tapes for BE to overwrite

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yes ok, but the tapes are empty so it should not be an overwrite job.. or at least should run as append job, isn'it ?

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Infinite overwrite would mean once that tape is full it will NEVER be re-used by any job without manual intervention as such is this really what you are trying to achive.

Also if that tapes that are not being used are brand new - then don't put them  into that media set yourself, let Backup Exec  move them for you as it uses them and leave them in scratch until BE uses them.

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yes, this looks quite logic, but if the tapes are empty BE should append to it till they become full... isn'it ?

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No. BE cannot append to an empty tape. You need to overwrite the tape before it can append to it

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Would recommend to have a look @ this KB article as well -