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Overwrite Protection / Append Period

Created: 19 Nov 2013 | 3 comments

Just to confirm,

I have a scenario with a robotic library with 6 Daily Tapes, 4 Weekly Tapes and 12 Monthly Tapes.

Would it be good if I set the OPP and Append Period as the following:

Daily Tape

OPP: 6 days

Append: 1 day

Weekly Tape:

OPP: 27 Days

Append: 1 day

Yearly Tape:

OPP: 50 Weeks

Append: 1 Day

Would I be safe with this scenario that no media gets overwritten and will always work?


Operating Systems:

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ArulPrasad's picture


With the settings Above , The tapes will be Overwritten after the rules has been reached,

Daily - the Tape would be overwritten if the tape is full on the first backup , it would be overwritten on 7th day ,

if not it would be 8th day as 1 day append period will be active.

simmilarly for the other option..

If you want to protect the tapes forever without overwritting , Set the OPP to Infitinite and it will never be overwrriten.


Arul Prasad R


CraigV's picture to read the TN below for more information:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

pkh's picture

If you don't want to append to the tapes, I would suggest that you set the AP to 1 hour, instead of 1 day.  This is to prevent accidental appends which may extend your protection period and cause problems.

Otherwise, your OPP's are o.k.