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Overwrite = Yes please

Created: 02 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

Is there a resolution for GRT backups filling up RD1000 tapes so that we don't have to format all tapes at each site when they fill up?  It seems to be able to overwrite the data backups on the tape but not the GRT Exchange backups.

In the past I have applied all the patches that supposedly resolved this but never did.  Any ideas?

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What version of Backup exec are you running ?

if this is IMG (GRT) backup folders that are not deleting on IMG in BE 2012 then it is likely to be

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So until there's a patch we will have to log onto ALL our customers sites remotely and format their tapes, removing any archiving ability that has been promised to them because of a glaring bug?  This isn't a minor issue, this is causing us lots of messing around with all customers (we heavily promote both Endpoint and Backup Exec) by having to request they pop every tape in so that we can format them. 

Not only do we look like incompetent fools, but the reputation of your expensive backup software is failing drastically.  RDX devices are quite possibly the most common of all backup devices these days, surely this should have been tested before a major release..?

The level of ridiculousness has been raised beyond what thought possible here..

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Bump, just in case 3 years later there is finally a hotfix for the craziest and most questionable bug in Backup Exec..