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Created: 18 Oct 2012 | 4 comments

If a backup job fails and shows a final error of  "...Corrupt data encountered," category "Resource Errors," does this mean the good backup that was previously on that tape has been overwritten, or might that tape still have a recoverable backup on it, if needed?  The log for the failed job shows maybe 100 or so skipped files; most just say "Unable to open," two say "Warning: is a corrupt file. This file cannot verify," if that is pertinent.  Thanks!

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Corrupt data encountered in the job logs means for some reason BE is not able to read that file due to some issue(may be it is in use, database file, aofo). This has nothing to do with the data that is already on tape, if you are overwriting the tape then definately whatever was on the tape is overwritten and can't be recoverd. If you are appending on the tape then the previous data that is existing on the tape can be restored.

When it says corrupt data encountered that is the time of backup it encountered corrupt data, it doesn't mean tape is corrupt.

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Thanks, sazz.  I'd forgotten about the 'append' vs overwrite option; not sure which we're doing.  So...we rushed to get new tapes delivered, but if I understand correctly now, that won't fix the problem, right?  I thought my last two had gone bad; IT consultant had said they have a limited life, and we're trying to decide whether to switch systems so had been limping along w/two tapes for a short time. 

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Unfortunately if the tapes are overwritten then nothing can be done.

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If you are using BE 2010 or earlier then you can right click on the tape and click on restore.

This will show all the data present on that tape. If the data is shooqing up means it is present and you will be able to restore the data which is showing up.

This will confirm if the data is overwritten or not.



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