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OWA Extensions not working properly

Created: 10 Jun 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments
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Hi All,
       I have installed Enterprise Vault 8.0 for Exchange Server 2003. Everything is working good with Outlook able to view shortcut icons of archived items, Menu options in Tools Menu, Archive and Restore Button. But facing issue with OWA 2003.

When I have tried to install OWA Extensions for 2003 that time customers exchange server is configured with SSL (https) so OWA Extensions gave error Failed to create ADO connection to system mailbox http: and the uid of mailbox

Like (Failed to make ADO connection to: http://server/exadmin/admin/enterprise.vault/mbx/SystemMailbox{02364C5B-55C0-4DB5-AEE7-90A570D16229}/%23%23SchemaURI%23%23/ ) 
copied form knowledge base.
I was not able to open the same in IE but using https i can.
So we changed the OWA to http removed SSL and then try to install OWA Extensions that time we succeed.
Then we changed OWA to original https.
Now the problem is that I can open archived items from OWA and each are opening from EV Server. Its showing content and attachments correctly.
But Archive Explorer, Archive and Restore buttons and Shortcut icons of archived items are missing.

I have checked OWA on 4 to 5 machines but not showing mentioned items.

imagebrowser image

imagebrowser image
imagebrowser image
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imagebrowser image

I have gathered logs using deployment scanner and there is not error in logs.
Logs attached.

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The buttons are related to the System Mailbox as this is where the forms are located.  If you change it back to HTTP iI take it, the it will work again?

Have you a backend Front/End Exchange Server install? How many of each? Clustered/load balanced?

On the backend Exchange Server connect directly to this via OWA.  for Example http://backendservername/exchange/username

Do you get the buttons? If not then do the following.

1: Open EVBackend.ini on this server and change proxydiagnostics and exchangediagnostics to value of two.
2: Save this file.
3: Delete temporary internet files from IE and connect to OWA again using http://backendservername/exchange/username.
4: Navigate back to EVBackend.ini location (C:\Program files\Enterprise Vault\OWA and go into the logging folder.  Do you see a log generated? If so please post this.

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Customer has only backend with SSL so cant change it to http

and cant access any mailbox using http it works with only https

and mentiond task cant be performed due to schedule issue.

Is there any way to direct script to use https://systemmailbox instead of http
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You need to really gather the information that I previously suggested. 

I think you may find that it may not be related to the System Mailbox at all, you say that the system mailbox was Ok the second time when changed to HTTP? If this was the case then probably no issue with the system mailbox now.  I could confirm this if you posted or sent me the backend2003setup.wsf.log along with the previous information.

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Dear Genie,
I have checked the same its not creating any log file aftere changing the vaule..

and after changing it to http I am facing the same issue. no buttons.

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I think at this stage you may want to consider logging a case with support if the issue is becoming urgent.  Would require a bit of researcha nd going through logs etc to really get to the bottom of this one I'm afraid.  OWa is always a little tricky as so many different things involved.

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Do you need any more information here?
If not, and you are satisfied with a provided answer, can you choose this as Solution, please?

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