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OWA problem

Created: 22 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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I have a problem on OWA ,when i open archived item it says that;

The archived item is currently unavailable. If you choose reply or forward, only the content shown below will be included. Click here to preview the original item."

When i click the information, it asks the password and if i enter correct credentials archived mail opens.

why it couldnt open directly and it needs credentials in every mail?

exch 2010 sp2 , owa 2010

ev 9.03


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Make sure to include the Exchaneg CAS servers in the file exchangeservers.txt on the EV server and run the owausers.wsf script:

Also make sure the EV9.03 OWA client extensions are installed on the Exchange 2010 CAS servers.

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owa extention installed on cas servers ,exchangeserver.txt and owauser.wsf already we have.

Also we have no 500 error, it jusk asks extra 1 more authentication then works...

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Did it work in the past ?

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When you try to open an item, the extensions try to temporarily restore it to the mailbox so OWA can open it. If that fails (or takes too long - 1 minute by default), then you see the unavailable message.

Clicking the banner then opens the EV view of the item, so you have to authenticate to EV. That view does not belong to OWA though, so forward/reply are not there.

You can configure the mailbox policy such that it opens the EV view by default, but you'd still have to authenticate. Better to work out why the item isn't being restored.

Have you run EVORT?