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P2Vd guest doesn't show up in console

Created: 31 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

I converted a 2003 server from physical to virtual with native VMWare tools. IT keeps showing back up in the console with the 'normal' colored windows symbol instead of the blue one associated with virtual machines. I have taken a GRT backup of the guest through a VMWare based backup job. The 'blue' linked machine that would be connected to this backup set will not show up in the console. This prevents me from selecting this machine for a restore. I have several other VMWare guests that have never shown up in the console and Symantec has been unable to resolve that. This is a new issue for me though. How do you get a VM guest that was converted from physical (and already had the agent) to show up properly in the admin console?



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I have uninstalled the agent, and rebooted. It is not in the console at all now. I even ran a WMware backup of just this guest (with no GRT). It still doesn't show up. If I call symantec, I know the rep is going to tell me to install the agent manually. That doesn't work. It causes it to show up as a physical machine and it is not linked to the VMWare based backups. How can you make a VM guest machine show up that refuses to?