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Package Clean-up on Package Servers

Created: 08 Aug 2013 | 1 comment

What would be the best way to clean up packages off my remote servers at each site?  Can I delete the packages off the NS and it will clean up the package servers or do I physically have to clean up the package servers as well?  What is a standard procedure for cleaning up unsed software and packages?  Just looking for some info on what best practices and procedures would be.  Thanks in advance!

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The best place to log this is under the agent or server group instead of DS.

The trick here of course is that DS packages don't follow all the same rules as other packages.  :P

So the answer is mixed.  The "best practice" answer is to first ensure there's no active policy associated with a package, which will have the package removed from the PS in a week, by default.  Then remove the packages on the SMP once the PS's are all cleared.

However, with DS, you will end up with a lot of manual clean-up.

IF the main goal is simply to save space, you COULD simply modify the package source (find an image in the console and the source is shown) and delete the files IN the package / GUID folder (not the folder) and I believe it will "replicate" out over the course of a day, "nothing" to all the site servers, freeing the space.  But to remove the actual package, that may be messy - esp with Copy File packages.

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