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Package server - failover if package not on package server

Created: 03 Mar 2013 • Updated: 03 Mar 2013 | 4 comments

How do I set up a package server so that if a package is not available on the package server it will download automatically from the NS.

The issue we have is that some packages were set up not to go to a package server or the package itself has not been copied to the package server (awaiting the package server distribtution task) this result in the client continually retrying download.

Is there a way to force clients to get a package from the NS if it first fails from the package server?

Another reason for this is our Sys admins team have advised us that the package server hardware may be subject to outages!!!


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This is as designed. Your failover should be another package server in the same site. It can be a desktop machine with just the UNC codebase published.

You can create a failover to the NS, but for that you would need to add the NS to all the other sites and make it a package server. Make a clone of the Task Service Settings, set the maximum computers to mangage to 100 and applie that only to the NS.

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Hi SachaH we do not have a package server in the same site, our only other package server is 100kms if either package server fails I find they keep trying to download. If I turn off the site from the NS they will then get the packages from the NS - can I set this as automatic. Or if a software resource has not had its package assigned to "All Package Servers"

I Set up my sites by assigning subnets to each - is that correct?

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I'm not aware of any report or automation policy to check on the package server state you could use for an automatic failover by turning the site off or so.

Your setup is correct, just as a failover you should use a second package server especially if the NS is also only connected by WAN.

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Check Windows Patch remediation setting as per screen short.

G to setting – software--  Patch Management--- Windows setting --- Windows Patch remediation setting

windows Patch remediation setting .jpg