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Package Server issues after 7.1 MP2 MP1.1 Roll up v5 Upgrade

Created: 18 Jul 2013 | 1 comment

We recently upgraded our SMP to the latest version, however I have noticed that when many of our clients attempt to download a package they unable to get any Package Source from the NS and then the agent attempts to get the Codebase from it's local package server. However, it always says Local Package Server not found even through there is a active package server in the same site as the client. In  the end the client will still attempt to download the codebases from the local package server but for some packages they are not getting pre-staged to the local package server but another one.

My question is:

1) What could be stopping the NS from serving the codebase to the client? I can confirmed that communication between the NS and clients is working. I have also checked that all of the codebases are correct (I have also regenerated them).

2) How does a client determine what it's local package server is?

3) How does a package get pre-staged onto a package server? I know think that the issue mentioned in my first question is stopping the packages from being pre-staged on Package Servers even through there are a number of tasks/clients requesting them

Before the upgrade everything was working fine.

Thanks for any insight

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Can you please let us know below informations to understand you problem well?

1)      Do you have unconstraint package server or Constraint package server?

2)      Is your NS server Package server plug-in(how you installed package server services on yr NS server)?

Thanks & Regards,

Nagesh Singh