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Package Server Manual Assignment

Created: 07 Dec 2012 • Updated: 07 Dec 2012 | 3 comments

Does anyone know of a way via ASDK or SQL that I can manually assign a number of package servers to a particular package? I've seen a few items posted to change the package server assignment to ALL but I need to specify indivual package servers. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

CMS 7.1.1

Server 2008 R2

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Have you tried the below?

public bool SetPackageExPackageServerOptions(
	string sPackageGuid,
	bool bAllOrSpecificPackageServers,
	string sPackageServerGuids,
	string sLocationOnPackageServer
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This functionality will be available in the next release, but for 7.1 SP2 you can request the Beta Software ASDK via support, where you can see how it works.



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So I'm finally getting back around to this and I'm having issues with it. I'm trying to invoke this method from Powershell and it's partially working, it's setting the package to All Package Servers rather than the individual servers specified. Also invoking the method from the asmx page gives me more errors.

$ns = new-object -comObject "Altiris.ASDK.NS.SoftwareDelivery.SWDSolnPackageManagement"
$ns.TargetServer = $server
$pc = $ns.GetPackageExByGuid('7c19b03a-e172-4cec-a906-ad7b648a2f7f')
$list = $pc.selectedpackageservers, "3B72E021-74AA-4B19-9C79-023E8F9AC392"
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