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Package server takes so long time to download a package.

Created: 27 Feb 2011 | 2 comments
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I discovered that my package server doesn't download packages immediately.

Once I make package, package server doesn't know there is a package to download from NS. I can't see the package that I made on package server.

I clicked 'Configuration Update' and 'Send basic Inventory' buttons on the package server but still doesn't download and also no package on the list.

However, it's done about 3 days after (Once download starts, download speed is fast and no problem). There is no problem with network speed and UNC path credential (NS and package server is on the same network).

I'm still serching the what cause this problem. Any comment would be helpful.


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What version and SP are using?
 The configuration of the agent "Download new configuration every:" how often you have?
 In the server package. register the DLL "AeXAgentDiagnostics.dll" and verifies that generates error.

Cesar Echeverria Castillo

Consultant Engineer

InterLAN Ltda, Medellin, Colombia

P.S.: If this works please let the community knows about it.

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Generally the package server won't know about a new package until it updates the configuration, you can do this manually via the agent on the package server. Once the configuration is updated than you can simply go and refresh the packages on the package server. This is what I do when I want to create a software resource and push it out almost immediately... Not a permanent solution to the issue but this work around generally provides me exactly what I need to do.