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/PAE, what is Symantec's stance on this?

Created: 07 Aug 2007 • Updated: 29 Nov 2013 | 3 comments
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Our Enterprise Vault servers were purchased with 8GB of memory in them. Without /PAE we only see 3.5GB of memory due to the way IBM xSeries servers load their initial drivers during BIOS.

We have not enabled /3GB, seems this was a good choice per..

..anyways, but I'm curious if there is an official stance on /PAE. I know sometimes people get the two switches confused and think they're related to each other, but they're not. :)

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I just ran into this as well.  We had exactly 4 GB of memory in our HP ProLiant servers and needed the /PAE switch to see more than 3.5 GB the server recognized.  The Vault 2007 requires a minimum of 4 GB of memory, so we set it.  I am curious too to see if Symantec has a stance on this.
And yes, this is different than the /3GB setting.  The only caution I saw on HP's website was using the /PAE switch on G4 servers, but no same caution on G5.
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I went through all of the EV 2007 docs over the weekend and found nothing that said NOT to enable /PAE, but also nothing that said to in fact do it. :) The only place I saw it mentioned was for SQL server and having to enable it if you have more than 4GB of memory.

Although from looking at our own EV servers they seem to hardly use 1.2GB of memory as it is. I think our next round of EV servers may only have 4GB of memory in them instead of 8GB. I'll know more I guess once they're under a full production load.

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The /PAE could cause Index issues, as it  will half the number of System Page Table Entries.