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Page Scanning download cannot show (SWG 5.0.3)

Created: 01 Aug 2012 • Updated: 01 Aug 2012 | 7 comments
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I have a problem with my SWG. after I reinstall my SWG and using the previous configuration.

If I download file, page download scanning can't show and I trying download Eicar Virus, my SWG cannot blocking.  and my configure policy can't be run..

my automatic update is on and update normal. authentication LDAP is normal.

before I uninstall my SWG,all policy is normal. I am using previous version. 5.0.0

please help me.



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What mode is your SWG in? Also you will want to verify your policy configuration to be sure it is applied to the computer you are using. Also be sure the policy is set to block active content/downloads. 

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I'm using Inline+proxy

my policy is set to block active content/download. 

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Also please update to the latest version of the software and verify that the SWG has the latest database version as well.

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Are you sure that you have set up your authentication correctly? Are you using dcinterface or NTLM?

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my SWG is up to date the last version. I'm using dcinterface that intgration with Active Directory. authentication is normal. 

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What is the policy set to trigger on as far as end users? Is it a subnet of IP addresses? An LDAP group?

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in Administration -> Configuration -> Network

have you added your subnet(s) to the SWG?