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Panasonic CF-52 SLGBD1M

Created: 24 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with a PanasonicCF-52 SLGBD1M and Win7. I have not been able to get these to encrypt without 'BSODing' after the initial logon. I load SEE, reboot, log on to Windows, and register my SEE account.  At a reboot I log on to SEE and windows starts then 'Blue Screens' and reboots. 

I'm confused and befuddled and have no idea what to change or if this is another case of Panasonic not playing well wih others. 

Thanks in advance for any advice. 


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I'd recommend following the below article and contacting Symantec Support for the settings to enable when producing a client package sepcifically for this model of machine:'s picture


Symantec released SEE 8.2.1 MP6 HF1 on April 22, 2013. This release is presently located on their PDC. This release might address the BSOD regarding the Panasonic CF model you have. Also check the release notes in SEE 8.2.1 MP6 (previous release) for the FD. Panasonic like most HW vendors will periodically change their firmware without notifying encryption vendors; thus we will purchase new HW or upgrade of the same model system; then later receive a BSOD, as the encryption solution is not yet compatible with the new firmware update.

I strongly recommend that you request a trail of any new hardware prior to purchasing/deployment; then test the OS, image, applications and the encryption solution. If you find that the new system model is not compatible with your encryption solution; ship it too Symantec so they can develop a hot fix to address the constraint.

In most cases, after your default image is installed, their maybe a security policy which prohibits you from doing so; this mean a resolution to address the BSOD may take longer to resolve. Hope this information was helpful.

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Thanks for the information, I will look into this. The problem with the Panasonics is they seem to have no consistancy in hardware and software that we can see!