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Panasonic ToughPad FZG1 Help Please

Created: 25 Oct 2013 | 8 comments

Hello I am a new Network Administrator trying to image Panasonic ToughPad's using Ghost 11.5/ GSS 2.5. 

I have selected all drivers that Ghost Wizard comes with using the Windows PE-512 Style OS.

When I try to add the exact drivers for the touch screen for this tablet to the  setup it says 

"Failed to improt driver xxxx

Failed to find any drivers to add"

The files I have are directly from panasonic website are:




If anyone could give me some pointers for a complete noob I would appreciate it. I really want to get away from setting these tablets up one by one/ old fasion way.

Operating Systems:

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If I am not wrong, the Panasonic ToughPad FZG1 uses USB Ethernet controller.If thats the case,the USB drivers could not be added through Boot Wizard.Thats the cause for "Failed to import drivers" error.The need here is to load the drivers online after booting to WINPE using DRVLOAD command.Else ,create a WINPE 3.0 boot media following the article mentioned below,

Note:Add both NIC and Storage drivers and ensure that the drivers are Windows 7 -32Bit (if you follow the above article).Also check if the the machine uses UEFI for BIOS before you proceed.


In the above list none seem like a driver file.

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Is there a better way to image these devices? 

I dont know what WINPE DRVLOAD command.Else is exactly. 

Sorry for being such a noob and thank you for helping me. 

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In my experience, USB based network adapters are nigh on impossible to get working under WinPE, as they seen to need full operating system support to work properly. However, I cannot say for certain that this applies to all modern hardware so my first suggestion would be to contact Panasonic tech support and ask them whether they have a solution to getting their NIC running under WinPE.

In general, WinPE needs a driver file set which consists of AT LEAST one .SYS file, one .CAT file and one .INF file, and sometimes one or more DLL files may be required. If you open the INF file in a text editor, there is usually a list of the required files somewhere in the INF.  The DRVLOAD method can be used to quickly test a driver file set by loading the INF from the command line and seeing whether a success or failure message is returned.

However, if you cannot get the NIC mounted, the alternative is to use either a USB hard disk or a USB flash drive that boots WinPE and can thereafter directly run Ghost from the external HD or flash drive and load the image on the stick onto the Panasonic. Probably going to be a lot quicker than over the LAN anyway.

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If possible ,please send the system information report from the Toughbook.

i.e., Start->Run->msinfo32->File->Save and attach the same .

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Here is the msinfo32 on the device. 

Ghost seems much harder than I thought it was. 

Is there no way to "update/download" the drivers when I make a ghost boot cd so that it just has everything needed?

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There is just no way to download a single set of drivers and have a Ghost boot CD that has everything needed. If that were possible then you would never need to add block device drivers to a windows install, or any other drivers for that matter.

When you consider that every chipset manufacturer is bringing out updated drivers on a regular basis, and new chipsets as well, keeping a single up to date driver library which also covers legacy hardware would be nigh on impossible, as well as being extremely expensive. The other requirement would be to have a bootable optical drive at least one generation ahead of BluRay, as I recall a driver library just for Lenovo machines running to several Gb.

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Well if you think Ghost is complicated ,in terms of driver addition,try WAIK ,you will come back stating that Ghost is better.Having said that ,I agree that the default set of drivers are getting old and there is a need to update the latest drivers under GBW ,as part of installation.

Back to the issue,download the Win 7 x86 drivers(NIC and Intel SATA) and use it to create WINPE 3.0,as there is no option to add USB NIC drivers with GBW.