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Parent Job and Child Job

Created: 06 Jan 2014 • Updated: 06 Jan 2014 | 3 comments
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Hello All Experts,

I need to know the below things. Please help me understand.

1:- Difference between parent and child job.

2:- Command to stop/restart a particular deamon in Solaris.

3:- How to configure Scratch pool?

4:- How to configure tape_alert in library?

5:- I am getting an error message "Fault Code 3200 Hard Shuttle Jammed" in one of my tape library "HP MSL 6060 Tape Library"

Many Thanks

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1 question per thread! Especially over such diverse subjects.

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Sorry..By the time I have answered ,,,I missed to see ur reply..

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1)Parent job  handles various preprocessing and post-processing for backups. It will initiate the child  jobs to handle the backups on the Master.Cancelling a parent job will cause all child jobs to be canceled as well.

Parent job initiates child jobs and act as a root.Parent jobs do not count towards the Global Attribute "Max Jobs Per Client",Limit Jobs per client.

parent job will only appear for certain types of backups like sap DB,oracle DB,Catalog backup,multy stream jobs.

Procedure to verify parent and child job:

2)In the NetBackup Administration Console, the Activity Monitor Services tab or Daemons tab displays the status of NetBackup services or daemons on the selected master server.U can stop and restart over there.

If OS level it is Kill_9 and netbackup level bp.kill command(It will terminate all the running processes)


4)if you want to configure in library then it depends on ur tape library make and model

You can configure through opscenter..It is a free comes along with the NBU.also u can refer below link

5) I would suggest you to raise a case with HP to resolve.

 I see so many links in google for this particular HP -Error

Suggestion/Request: Please dont combine all diff questions in a single post .