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Partial Success Message

Created: 08 Apr 2013 | 5 comments
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I am running  Netbackup Solaris 10 Master / Media servers ( and several Windows 2008 64 Bit (7.1)  clients are getting partial success messages, but there are no WARNING or ERROR messages in the detail log.   Is this a know condition with Netbackup ?

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enable to bpbkar log with VERBOSE 5 in the client, definatly it will provide you some info about this.

and also please past the detail status of the failed job.

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What type of backup you got status code 1 with? Any message in job detail? Please find messages with 'ERR', 'TRV', 'unable to', 'could not', 'failed', 'Win32' or so.

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You may be looking at the Parent job which will reflect the status of any of its child jobs

In activity monitor look to see if the job you are looking at shows a Schedule name - if not it is a parent job

Filter the view by that policy name and client and look for the associated child job (one that does have a schedule name) that has a status of 1 - this is where you will find the error encountered

A Problems report for the Client will also give full details of the skipped files

Hope this helps

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Thank you very much for everyones input into this.   I have checked, and there are no child jobs (not multi streaming).   The job does include the policy and schedule name.   Working from a Java Gui behind a firewall, so getting a screen print of the detail log will be a challenge.   Will install the Admin Console so I can copy / paste

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You can also copy text in Java Console (I do it all the time).

The other option is to run Problem report or All Log Entries report for this client for the backup period.

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