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Partioning RAID5 logical drives on Dell PowerEdge Servers

Created: 15 Dec 2012 • Updated: 17 Dec 2012 | 1 comment

we have added SCSI hard drives to our Dell PowerEdge 2600 Server running microsoft server 2003. we have 139GB in the primary partition (logical drive 0) and now have 139GB of unpartitioned space.  what product do i need to add the unparttioned space to the primary partition?

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Hi John-nj,

It really depends on how you are using logical drive 0 and on what hardware controller that you have on what you can do.

I'm going to guess that your OS (c:\ drive) is installed on logical drive 0 and that is the partition that needs the additional space.  This is also assuming that the c:\ drive partition is the only thing on logical drive 0  If this is the case then you do not need SFW.  In fact SFW will not help you if this is the case.  In this case, I would recommend that you work with Dell to see how to expand logical drive 0 via the PERC or other hardware controller.  Once logical drive 0 is expanded, then just go into Disk Manager and expand the C:\ partition.

If you are using logical drive 0 for something other than the c:\ drive or you have more partitions on it than just the c:\ drive, please let us know.  We would need to more details on exactly how you are using logical drive 0 to go forward.  basically, we would need to know what partitions are on it and what they are used for.  We would also need to know which partition or partitions that the new space needs to be added to.

Thank you,