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Partition rollover and backup of closed partitions

Created: 22 Jul 2014 • Updated: 23 Jul 2014 | 5 comments
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Hi all,

I'm running EV 9.0.4.

The Partition of one of my Vault Stores is almost full, so I need to create a new one and close the other (partition rollover) for my first time. These are some questions I have:

- Do I need to do a full backup of the old Partition before closing it and store it?

- Will I have to backup the old partition after being closed, as part of my daily/weekly backups? Or can I forget this partition as it is closed and I already have a backup? Does the EV BackupExec know that this Partition is closed and it's going to ignore them, backing up only the new partition? 

- When a partition is closed, it became a read-only partition, right? So, what happend if users delete files stored on this partition? The content is never deleted? The sparse collections process doesn't work on this closed partitions?

Thanks in advanced and best regards.

//Juan Antonio

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Hello JA,

This topic was discussed recently. Take a look at this forum:

I hope this helps.

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i'll answer your questions in order:

1. not necessary for this operation, but full backups are recommended in general.

2. you still have you back it up but less frequently. if you're using the EV agent then it would be aware of the closed, open, ready, index, database, etc components and you create your policies and schedules accordingly.

3. closed status for a partition means no new data is added. other actions such as expiry, deletion, collections, etc still take place.

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