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Created: 23 Jun 2013 • Updated: 23 Jun 2013 | 4 comments

Hey, I have very basic knowledge about pgp encryption. My question is is i have for example a blackberry phone with pgp encryption sofware on it can the administrator use a passphrase to read all my emails threw the pgp universal server. the aministrator chooses the passphrase then i choose the rest> i dont know the passphrase.. ?  Can they then at a later date use the passphrase they chose and read the emails?



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I suppose if the administrator can recover your private key from the pgp universal server and also has access to the mail server, he should be able to decrypt your emails.

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Are you talking that the Adminstrator can restet your Secure Store Pin on your BB?

Not sure if this is possible at all.

If the Keymode is GKM/CKM/SCKM and the Admin cannot access the Secure store, then you seem to be save.

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If the Administrator of the Universal Server sets it as so, they can access your encrypted data on the blackberry.  They also CAN enable functionality to encrypt your data to another key (called an ADK)

This is there incase you leave the company, and your email is required for any reason.  The email belongs to the company after all.

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