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Password Sync with SEE

Created: 05 Oct 2012 | 3 comments


Im trying to figure out how to force The user’s SEE password to resynchronized with their Windows password before a reboot after the user changes their password.

My company has an online tool that allows our users to change their passwords. SEE syncs with their password however, when they change it SEE doesn't see the change untill after the computer reboots. So we want to prevent users from calling after they change their password because their SEE password hasnt also changed.

Is their a script we can run that will have SEE do a password resync every x ammount of time that passes? Or can we have AD tell SEE to do a password resync, when it see's that they user who is logged into a computer with SEE changes their password?


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As far as I can tell, SEE actually checks for password changes at every user logon.  The problem with your scenario, is that it syncs with the local SAM on a machine.  This means the new credentials must have been used at least once on a computer before SEE will be able to see that a change has occured, and re-sync the password.

The only way I've found to trigger this, is to have a user log-off and on once or twice while connected to the network.  Clearly, this gets more difficult if the user is out of the office because it's generally pretty difficult to get the SAM of a machine updated without a VPN.

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We are having the same exact issue.  Sometimes even logging off and back on a couple times doesn't do it.  It would be nice if there was something the users could run (or we could script) to force a check after the password was changed.

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Logging off and Back in about 5 min after the change is working for us, but an automated solution would be great.