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Ghost Solution Suite Patch and Live Update Availability (Patch 2269)

Created: 04 Feb 2011 • Updated: 31 Jan 2013 | 1 comment
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The Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 product must be updated via LiveUpdate to have full functionality.
As of the writing of this (May 11th, 2011) the most current version is

If you are at a lower build, you will need to run LiveUpdate (Help > LiveUpdate from the Ghost Console or Ghost Explorer).
However, environments where this may not be possible, such as these:

  • Secure environment without internet access;
  • Environment where there is a dedicated internal LiveUpdate server servicing Symantec AntiVirus or Symantec Endpoint Protection;
  • Environment with restricted access that may prevent LiveUpdate from contacting Symantec servers.

For these environments, please call Technical Support at the numbers at the bottom. A current support contract is typically required, though requesting a courtesy case may allow you to speak to a technician for acquiring in-line updates such as this.

If LiveUpdate is not working for a technical reason, follow this link to reinstall:

If you are seeking a specific patch for the Ghost Solution Suite, you MUST call technical support to acquire it. You must also have a current support contract.
Patches that are not distributed via LiveUpdate are created to address issues in specific environments and are only intended to be implemented in these specific environments. Technical support personnel will need to determine the need for a specific patch before it can be distributed.

Ghost Solution Suite Technical Support may be reached at the following number:
1-800-634-4747 (North America)

Outside of North America, you can find your regional support number here:

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The following builds of Ghost are specific component patches that only corrects the problems listed.  These patches do not provide any new functionality and should only be applied if you are experiencing the problem that the patch resolves.  To obtain the patch, contact Symantec Technical Support and log a support case:

Build 2269:

(please refer to when requesting this build)

*One-click Virtual partition does not work on the Lenovo M57P / M58P desktop computer
*Adding a Mass Storage driver to WinPE 2.1 causes Ghost to hang in the PreOS
*After installing the GSS2.5, the Ghost console server, Ghost Boot Wizard and Ghost explorer do not launch.
*Using Ghost32.exe for Hot imaging fails to execute on client machine.
*Client replication observed when upgrade from GSS older version to GSS 2.5.1 

Build 2288:

*Trouble with the sysprep'd image and configuration task when changing the destination's IP address. *Configuration task applied additional IP address provided in the configuration instead of replacing it.
*Trouble with the sysprep'd image and configuration task when changing the destination's gateway IP address. Configuration task applied additional gateway IP address provided in the configuration instead of replacing it.

Build 2298:

*Resolves a problem with ngctw32.exe crashing with a C0000005 error message.

Build 2302:

*Fixes a problem where inclusion of the $NetworkDrives$ variable in User Migration Capture profile prevents other data from being gathered.

Build 2605:

*DeployAnywhere reports that the driver for the Intel Centrino Advanced 6200 wireless card is missing even after it has been added to the driver database